Adopting from Russia (2003)

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Using a phone card

Internet Card

Front - Example Phonecard - Ekaterinburg

Back - Example Phonecard - Ekaterinburg

Instructions - In English
- the points below match with the Russian points above

  1. Dial 9 (this is to get an outside line from our hotel)
    Dial 77-02-33 (this is the number for use of the phonecard)
  2. type * (you should then hear a tone and a voice)
    (I do not remember how long I had to wait between 1 + 2, but I think it had to connect)
  3. enter the PIN number (that had been uncovered when you scratched off the protection zone)
  4. Dial your US/CAN telephone number with appropriate international codes(i.e. for number (416)-555-1212)
  5. IMPORTANT: at end of call press # # to disconnect the call (i.e. # twice).
    ***If you do not do this, the card will continue to be charged.***

Note, In August 2003, this 100 Ruble (Approx. $3 US) card, lasted 12 minutes on 1 occaision, and 15 minutes on another
(I did try to use it later in the evening (midnight = 2pm EST) or early am (6am = 8pm EST) )