Adopting from Russia: Trip 2 (Oct/Nov 2003)


Letters Home: Maureen has Bailey
Nov 10

Nov 14
Home at last

Monday Nov 10 - Ekaterinburg

Sent: 10 Nov 14:24 (EST)
Subject: Maureen has Bailey

I have just gotten off the phone with Maureen. (1pm Toronto time, 11pm Ekat time)

She has Bailey!! Hurray!!

Not quite a Hallmark moment. All was fine with Bailey leaving the orphanage, and driving in the car, and I guess shopping in the grocery store (not sure if she took her in?) but on arrival in the room at the hotel, and placing her on the bed in her snow suit, she apparently started to wail! Mixing and trying formula didn't help though eventually some apple juice calmed her (not sure of the time frame).

Maureen said it was quite a shock since she hasn't cried until now.

She got her to sleep, and she woke a couple of times but was calmed by a back rub. She seems to be down now. (According to the orphanage director, the babies are good sleepers.)

SO.. we'll have to wait to hear, and see how the new day (Tuesday) goes.. She has nothing planned, and has told the driver and translator that they aren't needed for the day.

Maureen said the day on which she got Bailey, was very busy, going between the various offices, and getting things "apostiled". BUT she did say that the lady at the registry office was very nice. Despite it being a very formal affair of filling out paperwork, and signing documents, when it was all done at the registry office, the lady said: "And she is now your daughter". So despite all the red-tape and paperwork, they still stopped to notice the significance of the event..... very nice.

It is possible that events will take place sooner than we expect.. (meaning Maureen may be home sooner..but we're not counting on anything)

You may have to rely on updates from me (Andrew). Maureen doesn't expect she'll be able to get to the 3rd floor internet cafe with Bailey very easily.

..More soon I hope...... Andrew (& Maureen)