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Around the World Records

(First let me say, that the site: is an amazing collection of around the world attempts.)

Caption reads :
Round the world record attempt. Mr Mears and his pilot Mr Collyer are attempting to travel round the world in the best style of Jules Verne in 18 days. To make a quick start for their venture, they flew in an aeroplane from New York to the Olompic, which had already left port. They have just arrived in Berlin.
Photo shows: Mr Mears with his dog, and his pilot Collyer photographed on their arrival in Berlin.

Record Details:
Round the World Flight,
Mears and Collyer, June 28, 1928,
First Round-the-World Flight, partially by air,
in record time of 23 days, 15 hrs, 36 min, 5 sec

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