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August 18, 1998
15 Weeks, 5 days
Back to Previous Page This was a good visit. No picture this time. I decided I can't really ask for a picture each time, that would be a little much. But we have a big "measurements" visit coming up soon, and I'll ask for more images then! 
These kids are active. Maureen is not feeling them yet, but they are moving their arms and legs, and rolling and turning. 
It is quite amazing when you watch the monitor and see both babies, with their hearts beating. For the first time this pregnancy, the doctor zeroed in on the hearts and we heard the beating for the first time. It is still too early to hear the beating using a microphone from outside, but that should come soon. 
I will always remember hearing Laura's heartbeat, like a little galloping horse. We looked forward to each visit and hearing her small heart beating away. 
I don't know how easy it will be to find and listen to two heartbeats, but I am looking forward to it. 

As I write this, we are now past 16 weeks. All is well. Maureen is feeling nauseous, but we are taking that as a good sign. She goes to clear her throat, and ends up getting sick! Not good, but a sure sign of the hormones raging in her system, and that is good. 
The Heparin shots are still being taken every morning and evening, and we seem to be sharing more equally the giving of the shots. Stopping the aspirin has seemed to help reduce the bruising, and it doesn't look as if she has "fallen down the stairs"! Now, it only looks like she's been to the "driving range" and been hit by a few golf balls! That is improvement!

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