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July 21, 1998 
11 Weeks, 5 days
Back to Previous Page I am taking it as a good omen that the movie poster for the Toronto International Film Festival for 1998 is an image of Twins amid film reels! 
I don't know if it is good to believe in omens, but all I do know, is that this is a  pretty good omen.

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July 21, 1998

If you would like more information on the Heparin Injections that Maureen is taking try going to the following page: 
(The page is that of Dr Beer, who runs a "Reproductive Medicine Program")

The Home page of Dr Beer's Reproductive Medicine Program 

His site used to have a page called "A Users Group Guide to Heparin" 
was: but that link no longer appears to work (Feb, 2002) 

Maureen is taking a variation of Heparin called 
Fragmin which is Low Molecular Weight Heparin

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