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Nov 26, 1998
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 Sullivan has got Pneumonia! He was diagnosed with it on Tuesday 24th, so he has been on anti-biotics since then. He even had his intravenous removed on Monday because he was doing well, but it had to go back in on Tuesday.
So far his intravenous has been in his right hand, left hand, left arm, left leg, and now his left foot.
He seems to be doing well. They have raised the Oxygen level a bit because the Pneumonia was reducing his intake a bit.
He has gained more weight (as the next page shows) and is now up to 640 grams.
We are visiting twice a day. We drive in together at 8am, I visit for 15 minutes then go to work, and Maureen stays till about noon. She goes home for the afternoon, and then after I take the streetcar home, we go back to visit around 8pm.

The nurses are all very good, and if we get concerned in the night, we can phone the unit and ask for an update!

Here are our latest favourite pictures:

Nov 19

Our Darling Boy, Nov 19

All "greased" up (water soluble lotion), and his first teddy
(wrapped in plastic in case of germs), and his body hugger
made from a rolled up washcloth
Nov 14

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