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Atlantic Telegraph Cable
Guaranteed by
Tiffany & Co.
Broadway New York 1858

Tiffany in 1858 bought the unused cable in the hold of the S.S. Niagara from Cyrus W. Field, cut it into pieces and sold it as souvenirs.

Below are images of this cable, and the facsimile of the letter showing the purchase (this came with the cable piece)

A piece of the Trans-Atlantic Cable
as laid by the Great Eastern,
in June 1869 between Brest and New York
under the charter of the 'French Telegraphic Company'.

The piece is 3" long, by 1.2" diameter.
The cable is bound at each end with a piece of embossed brass.
The upper brass cap carries the inscription:
"Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Company Limited - Contractors London"
The lower brass cap carries the inscription:
"Societe Du Cable Transatlantique Francais Limited
- Brest To New York 1869 - Deep Sea Cable".

1858 Share Certificate in
The Great Ship Company Limited

Used to raise 330,000 GBP Capital

(Note: above image converted to black and white)

Stamp detail:

Visitors Hand Book
How to see the Great Eastern
New York

Pamphlet for those touring the Great eastern

Pamphlet with ship diagram

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