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Liebe Volker,




I hope the street numbers hasn't been changed since then.

In the morning I posted the photo of the building to the: photoblog.pl/julesverne.






Dnia 5-06-2012 o godz. 11:59 Volker Dehs napisał(a):

Dear Krzysztof,

Passage Saulnier has been changed into Rue S. in 1902. Have a look here:



Volker Dehs, Eisenbahnstr. 9, D-37073 Göttingen.

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Hi Everybody,

When Jules Verne celebrated his first success as a novelist he was occupying a flat at 18 Passage Saulnier (V.Dehs, Jules Verne. Biographie, 2005, page 117. W.Butcher, Jules Verne. The Definitive Biography, revised 2008, page 334).

There is no such street in Paris at present. What about Rue Saulnier which can be found on Google Maps? Is this the new name for the old passage or is it located elsewhere?

Does any member of the forum know?


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