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Re: Pear soap edition, red boards of early Jules Verne books in English

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Andrew Nash maintains an excellent site devoted to collecting Verne here http://www.julesverne.ca
I have quite a pile of Pear's Soap editions as well and we should probably update both Andrew's list of all titles that had a Pear's Soap edition and ensure that he has images of all of the titles (if he wants them).

I also wish I had some spare cash to add Tony's books to my collection!

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I would be very interested in your books, but as a high school student with more Vernian enthusiasm than money, I am afraid that I would not be able to make an acceptable offer for your collection. However, I think that a list of titles and some pictures would be of interest to other potential buyers here on the forum. I understand that posting pictures here is difficult due to the size restrictions, but if you could email them to me personally I can upload them to a directory on one of my websites and post a link to it. Please let me know and I would be glad to help. Have a great day, everyone!

Drake Lolley

On 2012-06-20 02:21, tony stewart wrote:

Over ten years ago I purchased 18 of a series of Jules Verne books
published by Sampson Low, Marsten, Searle & Rivington, Crown
buildings, Fetter Lane then 188 Fleet Street, London dated from 1882
to 1895. The Pears soap editions. They are in fair condition (some
ingrained dirt in the spines and a little in the covers). I also
received a copy of The Clipper of the clouds by the same publisher
circa 1919 . It is without D/W but has a part of the coloured D/W
pasted inside the cover opposite the fly leaf.

I can give you a detailed list with images but I thought I'd touch
base first. I'm about to move house and store my things and am
reluctantly prepared to sell these books. They aren't worth a huge
amount, but they are in Australia. I'd prefer they went to a good

If any of your forum members is interested, please get in touch.


Tony Stewart
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