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Audio Books / Spoken Word
The Survivors of the Chancellor 
Narrated by John Bolen 
Unabridged Classics

"Mr. Kazallon thought that booking passage on a cargo ship from Charleston to Liverpool would be a charming way to return to his English homeland. If only he knew! A crazed sea captain, a disaster in the hold, storms, oppressive heat, sharks and starvation are just some of the many travails that will beset both passengers and crew. Will any of them survive the wreck of the Chancellor? "

Tantor Media:
CD format    ISBN: 1-4001-0007-0
5 CDs   $33.00
MP3 format    ISBN: 1-4001-5007-8
single CD   $20.00    web price $16.00 

800 Leagues on the Amazon 
Narrated by John Bolen
Unabridged Classics

"Take a journey on a giant raft with Joam Garral down 800 Leagues on the Amazon. Garral, a Brazilian, lives on a thriving fazenda (plantation) in the Peruvian frontier with his loving family. But, his daughter's imminent marriage to a Brazilian army surgeon compels him to return to his homeland to face the dark secrets of his past. Will his love and dedication to his family help him in his struggle to right injustice? Will a strange encoded message be deciphered in time to save him? "

Tantor Media:
CD format    ISBN: 1-4001-0009-7
8 CDs   $42.00
MP3 format    ISBN: 1-4001-5009-4
single CD   $20.00

The Underground City 
Narrated by John Bolen
Unabridged Classics

"How can humans survive and prosper 1500 feet below the earth's surface? Jules Verne successfully weaves a dark, yet magnificent story into this equally dark world. The story takes place in a revived and now prosperous coal mine. Amazingly, life in the mine has everything that one desires, including a lake, fish and attractive homes. Yet there lurks an evil presence. Unexplainable, malicious, and life threatening occurrences begin. But why? The evil force could destroy the underground world and everyone in it!"

Tantor Media:
CD format    ISBN: 1-4001-0024-0
4 CDs   $29.00
MP3 format    ISBN: 1-4001-5024-8
single CD   $20.00

Michael Strogoff 
Narrated by John Bolen
Unabridged Classics

"In this 1876 "Mission Impossible" tale of intrigue set in Russia, a traitor has inspired the fierce Feofar Khan to invade Siberia and foment a rebellion. A sinister plot to assassinate the Czar's brother, the Grand Duke, is discovered but all telegraph lines have been cut. 
Only one of the Czar's courier's is qualified to handle the dangerous and arduous mission to warn the Siberian Governor General of the impending invasion... Michael Strogoff."

Tantor Media:
CD format    ISBN: 1-4001-0027-5
9 CDs   $45.00
MP3 format    ISBN: 1-4001-5027-2
single CD   $20.00

Dr. Ox's Experiment - 1987

Dercum Press Inc., West Chester, PA 19380
ISBN: 1-55656-031-1

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Dove Kids

read / performed by Harlan Ellison

Jules Verne: De la terre a la lune (LP)
Alouette #SAD-546 (Canada) (Price $2.49) - Mono
Festival #MSC-759 (France)

Realisation: Robert Prot
M. Galabru
Bernard Belin
Marcel Lestan
Andre Rosch
P Galbeau
R Demagny
Ph. Guinard

Jules Verne: L'ile Mysterieuse
Alouette #SAD-549 (Canada) (Price $2.49)
Festival #MSC-??? (France)
Jules Verne: Les enfant du Capitaine Grant
Alouette #SAD-550 (Canada) (Price $2.49)
Festival #MSC-??? (France)
Jules Verne: Le chateau des Carpathes
Alouette #SAD-548 (Canada) (Price $2.49)
Festival #MSC-??? (France)

Serge Reggiani

Jules Verne: Michel Strogoff
Alouette #SAD-547 (Canada) (Price $2.49)
Festival #MSC-??? (France)

Jean Desailly

Jules Verne: Le tour du monde en 80 jours
Alouette #SAD-545 (Canada) (Price $2.49)
Festival #MSC-??? (France)
Jules Verne: Les Tribulations d'une Chinois en Chine
Alien Voices Series:
Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's "Spock") and John de Lancie (Star Trek's "Q") joined forces in 1996 to produce and star in this series of classic science fiction tales.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Abridged)
"Winner of the 1998 Golden Headset Award for best audio series"
See a transcription of the Epilogue from the production

'Alien Voices' returns with Jules Verne's story of Professor Lidenbrock's fantastic expedition to the Earth's core, what they find there, and their struggle to get home alive. Dramatized by Leonard Nimoy, John de Lancie, and cast members from Star Trek including Roxann Dawson ("B'Elanna Torres"' from Star Trek: Voyager). An incredible journey, with great performances, production and music from the Alien Voices crew!

Media: CD - 2 Compact Discs
Running Time: 2 hours  Price: 19.95
Media: Cassette - 2 Audiocassettes
Running Time: 2 hours  Price: 17.95

Both CD and Cassette are available in an Autographed edition (the box autographed by Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie)

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Based on the novel by Jules Verne

Leonard Nimoy (Prof. Otto Lidenbrock)
John de Lancie (Axel, the professor's nephew)

Susan Bay (Martha, the Professor's housekeeper)
Roxann Dawson (Grauben, Axel's fiancee)
Richard Doyle (Hans, the Icelandic guide)
Robert Ellenstein (Mr. Fridriksson, Icelandic Professor)

With (background voices): 
Owen de Lancie
Marnie Mosiman
Andrew Robinson
Armin Shimerman

Directed by Jack Fletcher
Script by Nat Segaloff
Music composed and performed by Peter Erskine
Music recorded at Puck Productions, Santa Monica, CA
®©1996 Ersko Music
Post-production supervisor Jeff Howell
Editor and sound designer John Chominsky
Script supervisor Scott Peterson
©1997 Alien Voices, Inc.

Book Published: 1864
James Mason movie version: 1959 (Fox)
Jules Verne: 1828-1905

MARTEVILLE Pierre & DUX Pierre
Jules Verne : L'Ile Mysterieuse
Festival FLD 209 S 196?, 
Famous novel told by French actors
Götz Alsmann liest "Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen" von Jules Verne
(mit Musik von Götz Alsmann) 
(Around the World in 80 Days)

3 CDs / ca. 210 Min.
ISBN: 3-933686-94-6
Best. Nr. 68694

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Read by James Mason

Around the World in Eighty Days

Read by Christopher Plummer

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Full size LP, 33 1/3 rpm

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Read by James mason

In Search of the Castaways

Narated by John Mills

Sound Track Recordings
The Southern Star(LP) 
Also known as: 
Étoile Du Sud, L' (1969, France)
IMDB Listing

Music composed and conducted by Georges Garvarentz
Title song sung by Matt Monro

Side 1:
01. The Southern Star (2:40)
(Vocal: Matt Monro; Lyrics by Don Black)
02. Mademoiselle Erica (2:18)
03. Fight in the Saloon (2:33)
04. Danse Afrikaan (2:02)
05. Ostrich Waltz (3:04)
06. I WIll Come Back (1:35)

Side 2:
07. The Train to Adventure (2:26)
08. The Hunt (3:16)
09. Erica Takes a Bath (2:32)
10. The End of the Chase (1:54)
11. Why the Ostrich Swallowed the Diamond (3:17)

Colgems release: COSO-5009 (1969) - stereo
RCA Victor SF 8024 

Master of the World (LP) - stereophonic
Les Baxter's Sound Track music from Jules Verne's "Master of the World"
American Pictures International
Movie starring: Vincent Price & Charles Bronson
VARESE SARABANDE (VC8-1070) 1978 (Stereo)
& Vee Jay VJLP-4000 USA 1961 (Mono)
Up to His Ears  - 1965 (LP)
Also known as: 
Chinese Adventures in China (1965, United States) 
Uomo di Hong Kong, L' (1965, Italy) 
Up to His Ears (1965, Great Britain) 

Composer: Georges Delerue
POO 108, United States, LP, 1979
United Artists 36063, France, EP, 1965
United Artists 4136, New Zealand, LP, 1965 - Monaural
United Artists AUSLP 1003, New Zealand, LP, 1982

Around the World in 80 Days (LP)
Composer: Victor Young
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (TV) (CD)
Composer: John Scott 
 01. Main Titles 2:59 
 02. Ramming The Scotia 2:47 
 03. Saga Of The Abraham Lincoln 5:44 
 04. The Mighty Nautilius 4:14 
 05. Captain Nemo 2:37 
 06. Nemo's World 4:37 
 07. Discovering Land 3:04 
 08. Set Upon By Sharks 5:25 
 09. Ned Makes It Back 2:14 
 10. Raised To Be King 2:51 
 11. Fantasia On A Bach Toccata 2:05 
 12. Mount Atlantis 4:13 
 13. Nemo Declares War 4:13 
 14. The Aftermath 2:24 
 15. Monster From The Depths 4:26 
 16. Pearls 2:16 
 17. Ned Slays The Monster 2:53 
 18. Nemo Releases His Prisoners 2:50 
 19. End Credits 0:59 
Total time: 62:51
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (TV) (CD)
Composer: Mark Snow 
 01. Main Title 1:54 
 02. Monster From The Depths 2:26 
 03. Train Station 1:52 
 04. Aboard Ship 1:52 
 05. Departure 0:43 
 06. Lonely Seagull 1:31 
 07. ''Not Man Made'', Fight On The Ship 3:00 
 08. ''Fire The Cannons!'' 1:54 
 09. Sitting Down To Dinner 2:10 
 10. The Lincoln Ship 2:45 
 11. ''Reach The Surface'' 4:20 
 12. ''Help You Up Captain Nemo'' 3:08 
 13. Midnight Arctic Walk 3:19 
 14. Thousands Of Stars 2:33 
 15. Walking To Shore 2:07 
 16. Exploring New Worlds 1:31 
 17. The Storm At Sea 1:53 
 18. Exploding Torpedoes 1:31 
 19. Shooting The Captain 2:33 
 20. Finale 1:16 
Total time: 44:18
Around the World in 80 Days (CD) - Pierce Brosnin
Jonny Quest in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
released on 45RPM and LP
20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney - Childrens) (LP)
? 5 Weeks in a Baloon (LP)
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Original Soundtrack Recording, conducted by Bernard Herrmann, 1959.
Varese Sarabande VSD-5849 (CD, 1997).

This info from the The Bernard Herrmann Society.
The original soundtrack recording of Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) is being released for the very first time on CD. This is not a re-recording, but the original music tracks in full, glorious stereophonic sound. The disc sounds spectacular. Every note, every detail can be heard and relished. Even Pat Boone's songs are included. You will experience thrills and chills as you descend towards the center of the earth with this musical masterpiece. Organs, harps, low woodwinds and brass convey the exhiliration of discovery, adventure, and wonderment. This is quintessential Bernard Herrmann and is a must for those that love his music. A 10 out of 10!

Track listing: 
Fox Fanfare (by Alfred Newman, 1953 version) (:14) 
Prelude (1:51) 
Explosions/The Message (1:33) 
The Faithful Heart/My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose ++ (3:45) 
The Mountain/The Crater (1:43) 
Abduction/The Count and Groom (2:03) 
Mountain/Sunrise/Rope/Torch/March (3:11) 
Sign/Sleep/False Arrows/Fall/Grotto (5:09) 
Twice As Tall * ++ (2:33) 
Lost/Bridge/Gas Cave/Vines (4:42) 
Saltslides/Pool/Dead Groom/The Gun (5:08) 
The Canyon/Cave Glow/Mushroom Forest (4:10) 
Underground Ocean/The Dimetroden's Attack (5:23) 
The Faithful Heart * ++ (4:31) 
Magnetic Storm/Whirpool/The Beach (2:55) 
The Duck/The Count's Death (3:42) 
The Lost City/Atlantis (3:47) 
Giant Chameleon/The Fight (1:47) 
Earthquake/The Shaft (2:16) 
Finale * (:30) 

* not used in the film
++ music by James Van Heusen, lyrics by Sammy Cahn, sung by Pat Boone 

? From the Earth to the Moon - 1958
composer: Louis Forbes
LP / Record:
20,000 Meilen unter dem Meer
Europa #1155938
Mysterious Island
composer: Bernard Herrmann 
 01. Fanfare 0:39 
 02. Prelude 1:26 
 03. Civil War 1:07 
 04. Escape To The Clouds 8:00 
 05. The Island 5:17 
 06. The Giant Crab 2:52 
 07. The Granite House 4:22 
 08. The Phorarhacos 3:23 
 09. Pirates! 3:16 
 10. Nemo-The Grotto 1:56 
 11. The Cephalopod 4:16 
 12. Escape From The Island 5:47 
Total time: 42:21 
Light at the Edge of the World - 1971
(Also known as: 
Luz Del Fin Del Mundo, La (Spain) 
Faro In Capo Al Mondo, Il  )
IMDB Listing

Music by Piero Piccioni 
The music sounds unlike any other Italian epic score
Movie starring: Kirk Douglas
Track listing
1.   OUVERTURE (03:45)
The light at the end of the world 
2.   THE LIGHT (02:12)
main titles* (* previously unreleased track) 
3.   THE LIGHT (01:55)
Approaching the island* 
Discovering the island* 
5.   JEUX DE MASSACRE (04:05)
6.   THE LIGHT (04:51)
Love & Menage* 
7.   KONGRE (04:06)
9.   THE LIGHT (02:27)
Kongre's attack* 
10.   L'ISOLA MISTERIOSA (04:24)
11.   LOVE AFFAIR (04:44)
Emily Jane theme 
12.   LOVE AFFAIR (05:25)
Emily jane theme -part 2* 
13.   LOVE AFFAIR (03:28)
Emily Jane theme - part 3* 
14.   ARABELLA (03:22)
15.   THE LIGHT (03:15)
Denton's revenge* 
16.   THE LIGHT (02:50)
Denton and Emily Jane 
17.   LOVE AFFAIR (02:31)
Emily jane theme -part 4* 
18.   THE LIGHT (04:42)
Finale & End titles* 
19.   THE LIGHT bonus track: Piero Piccioni's Organ solo (02:25)
Denton theme* 
20.   THE LIGHT bonus track: Piero Piccioni's Organ solo (02:22)
Emily Jane theme* 
Total Duration: 01:12:31

Alhambra A-8934 
GDM CD Club 7008 
General Music ZSLGE 55078 

(US Title: Those Fantastic Flying Fools)
Colour 101mins
Movie Director: Don Sharp
Starring: Burl Ives, Troy Donahue, Gert Frobe, Lionel Jeffries, Dennis Price, Allan Cuthbertson
Score: J. Scott
Song: "We must always trust a stranger" by Ron Goodwin
Mathias Sandorf
Composer:Bert Grund

Released in: 1979, France& Hungary
Also known as: Sándor Mátyás (1979, Hungary) 

Telefunken 624178 AS

Abenteuer Klassiker 
CineSoundz Prudence 398.6619.2 

Country: Germany 
Format: CD 
Release Date: Nov-2001 
2 CD set.

Contains music from:
Deux Ans De Vacances 
Michel Strogoff
Mathias Sandorf

Michel Strogoff  - TV Miniseries
IMDB Listing
Composer:Vladimir Cosma
Released in: 1975
Country: Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland
Also known as: Michael Strogoff (1976, Germany) 

Blue BLRM 15002 
CBS Records DDLX 197 
CNR 660.012 
Cube HIFLY 30 
Deesse DDLX 147 
Philips 6042 054 
Pomme Music 95027-2   (CD)
Telefunken 622967   (LP - Germany - 1977) 

Rock Music
Rick Wakeman
Journey to the Center of the Earth - 1974
Rick Wakeman
Return to the Center of the Earth
Andy Partridge (of the group XTC)

Jules Verne's Sketchbook, Volume 1

Cassette of Andy Partridge’s Home Demo Recordings of Un-released XTC Material from 1982-1986. Originally available for purchase through Mail order from the “Little Express” fan club years ago. 

lower image on the left, shows the "mailing" with which the cassette was originally sent

Recording : ADES 202272

this info taken from:
Opera in one prologue and two scenes, on a book of Jorge Silva-Melo, from Jules Verne
(for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baryton-bass, comedian & orchestra)
(2 (among which1 piccolo)- 2-3 (among which 1 cl bass)-2 (among which 1 double-bassoon)- 4-2-3-1- kettle-drums,
2 percussions- harp-piano- 10-10-8-6-4)
Order of Radio France
88 min.

Stage creation in October 1993,  at the Montpellier Opera, in a production of  André Wilms and décors of  Nicky Rieti
by Rachele Stanisci, Isabel Garcisanz, Christer Bladin, Marcel Vanaud, Matthias Jung and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montpellier / conductor : Pascal Rophé
Revivals : September-Novembee 1995, Theater Hagen (Germany), in a stage direction of  Didier von Orlowsky and décors of  Knut Hetzer.
by Angelina Ruzzafante, Ulrika Jäder, Sibrand Basa, Stefan Adam, Jean Schmiede, Philharmonic Orchestra of Hagen / conductor : Alexander Rumpf 

November 12, 14, 16th 1997. Opera of Nancy, in a stage direction of  Lukas Hemleb and décors of  Nicky Rieti
by Rachele Stanisci, Annie Vavrille, Jean-Francis Monvoisin, Marcel Vanaud, Lukas Hemleb and the Symphonic Orchestra of Nancy/ conductor : Jérôme Kaltenbach.
January 24th 1998. Theater of Caen, in a stage direction of Lukas Hemleb décors of Nicky Rieti
by Angelina Ruzzafante, Annie Vavrille, Jean-Francis Monvoisin, Desmond Byrne, Lukas Hemleb and the Caen Orchestra  / conductor : Pascal Rophé.

Recording : ADES 202272
by  Sylvie Valayre, Isabel Garcisanz, Christer Bladin, Marcel Vanaud, André Wilms and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montpellier / conductor : David Robertson
Editions Durand

Artist: Peter Frohmader
(Peter Frohmader was born in the German city of Munich on May 9, 1958)
Jules Verne Cycle (###, 1986) (Cuneiform, 1995) * 
- two pieces based on two stories by Verne: "The Mysterious Island" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"