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Every Book Has a Story

Every book has a story, but some books have a more interesting story than others.

This page will highlight some of these books.

Una Citta Galleggiante
Serafino Muggiani e C
Via Unione, N 11-13
Milano, Italy

("Une Ville Flottante / A Floating City", in Italian.)

This book is unique in that it is a very early edition of A Floating City, published in Italy in 1875

This book came from the collection of James Iraldi, one of the founders of the American Jules Verne Society. His friend was Nat Bengis, another founder of the Society.

This book is inscribed to Nat Bengis as follows:

To My Ver
nian Friend
N. L. Bengis
- cordially
Edmondo Marcucci
Jesi (Italy),
March 1957

Edmondo Marcucci was a founder of the Société Jules Verne, France.

He wrote the book Les Illustrations des Voyages Extraordinaires de Jules Verne (Bordeaux: Ed. Société Jules Verne, 1956) and Giulio Verne e la sua Opera (Roma. Albrighi, Segati. 1935)

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