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Bulletins of the Société Jules Verne
Over the years, the Bulletin for the Société has had various cover colours and designs. Examples of the covers are presented on this page.

Note: The identity of the characters and the vehicles that adorn the covers are listed in the article Description detaillee de notre couverture by Cornelis Helling. The article appeared in the Original series, Bulletin No. 6, March 1937, page 2.
See also the Hetzel poster for Etennes 1889 for an identification of the characters shown.

Year Cover Description Issues
1935 - 1938 Original series
Starts with No. 1 - November 1935
Ends with No. 13 - December 1938

These issues were reprinted by the Société in 1969 + 1970 in 3 volumes, Spécial hors série No. 1, 2 + 3

1967 Nouvelle série (New series)
Starts with No. 1 - 1st quarter 1967
Light Green
(faded because of age)
1977 Green
1990 Beige

Note: the cover truncates characters from the right side of the original Etennes 1889 poster (i.e. Dick Sand is supposed to be looking at Mrs. Weldon, but she is missing off the right side! The left side however, fairs much better.)

1991 Colour anniversary version of cover
(One time only)

Note: The right side of the image is restored for this cover, and Mrs Weldon as well as the 20k diving suit are now accounted for

No. 100
2001 Dark Red 
2001 Red
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