Family Tree
Below is a choice between a low res (28k) "GIF" family tree, and a higher res (63k) "JPG" family tree. 
They are both the same visual representation of Jules Verne's family tree that I have been able to compile so far.
Either one will help you understand the "Family" table on the Jules Verne "Who's Who" page a little better (which is also reproduced here below)

NOTE: that for the purposes of this TREE, I have modified a true geneologic representation slightly, so that Jules Verne's step-daughters show up ( Suzanne Morel and Valentine Morel - "Morel" being the last name of their father ), but I have not shown their marriages. I will probably add them later, but it has been very difficult to gather any information on these 2 sisters.

Jules Gabriel Verne ( Jules Verne ) can be found on the left side of the tree, highlighted by three arrows!

single lines indicate family lines / blood lines (brothers, sisters, father and mother, etc.)
double lines indicate Marriage

Jules Verne Family Tree, Visual Presentation

Jules Verne Family Tree GIF
Low Res (28k) GIF Family tree
Jules Verne Family Tree JPG
Higher Res (63k) JPG Family Tree
Jules Verne's Family Tree
Name Relation Information
Alexandre Allotte de la Fuÿe Grandfather
M. Allotte de la Fuÿe Niece Published a biography of Jules in 1928
Paul Allotte de la Fuÿe Great-grandfather
Sophie-Henriette Allotte de la Fuÿe Mother Died: Feb 15, 1887
Follet Dog Jules Verne's Dog
Suzanne Morel step-daughter step-daughter of Jules Verne
one of two daughters of his wife Honorine, from her previous marriage
Valentine Morel step-daughter step-daughter of Jules Verne
one of two daughters of his wife Honorine, from her previous marriage
Anna Verne Sister
Gaston Verne Nephew Son of Jules' brother Paul
Shot Jules Verne in the leg on Mar 9, 1886
Jean Jules-Verne Grandson
Jules Gabriel Verne Self Born: Feb 8, 1828 , Nantes, France
Died: March 24, 1905, Amiens, France
Buried: March 28, 1905 in the cimetière de la Madeleine in Amiens
Marie Verne Sister Born: 1842
Mathilde Verne Sister Born: 1839
Michel Verne Son Born: Aug 4, 1861, Died: 1925
Paul Verne Brother Born: 1829, Died: 1896 or 1897
Pierre Verne Father Died: Nov 3, 1871
Honorine Hebe du Fraysse de Viane (Morel) Wife Married to Jules Verne on Jan 10, 1857
widowed from M. Morel
with 2 daughters from marriage to M. Morel
( also referred to as Honorine Deviane and as Honorine de Viane )
( also mentioned as "veuve (widow) du Fresnay" )
Note: further work needs to be done on Jules Verne 's family tree.
On the Jules Verne Signature page, I show an inscription written by Verne in the front of one of his books. It states in part: "to my nephew Henri Cayol , January 1, 1878 "
I do not know where Henri Cayol fits into the family tree? Is it the son of one of his step-sisters (nee Morel?) or some further distant relation?

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