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Instructions for:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Board Game (1960) by Jaymar Games

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Instructions as printed on the inside of the box lid for the 1960's Jaymar 20,000 Leagues game.


Rules for Playing

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A Deep Sea Treasure Hunt for

2, 3 or 4 players


THE GAME consists of the playing board, with 20 horizontal rows, each
representing 1,000 Leagues; the Submarine Spinner; and 4 markers to
represent divers.

THE OBJECT of the game is to submerge your diver to 20,000 Leagues
and maneuver him to land on the red arrow which will take him to the
Treasure Chest. First diver to reach the Treasure Chest wins.

WHO PLAYS FIRST -- Each player spins. The one whose number is highest
is first. The others spin to determine succeeding positions.

TO START -- Each player selects a diver, and places it on the starting posi-
tion (the red 1,000) at the upper left of the board. The first player spins,
and moves his diver to the right for the exact number of spaces indicated
by the spinner. Each player then follows the same procedure.

On the next, and all other turns excepting the first, the diver is moved
either right or left as indicated by the letter following the number (R for
right and L for left).

When a diver reaches the end of a row, and has additional spaces to move,
he reverses direction to complete his move. When reversing direction, the
end space counts only once. When a diver lands exactly on the extreme
right end square, he cannot move until he spins a left (L) number. A
diver on the extreme left end square cannot move until he spins a right
(R) number.

TO SUBMERGE -- When a diver lands on an arrow, he submerges 1,000
Leagues to the space directly below the arrow, and is rewarded with
another spin. If the space below the arrow is occupied by other diver, he
rises to the first unoccupied yellow space above the arrow. If a diver lands
on a starfish, he submerges 2,000 Leagues to the second space below the
starfish, and gets another spin. If, however, that space is occupied by
another diver, he rises to the first open yellow space directly above.

TO ASCEND -- When a diver lands on an octopus, he rises 1,000 Leagues
to the square directly above the octopus, and awaits his next turn. If that
square is occupied by another diver, he ascends higher to the first open
yellow square.

PENALTIES -- Whenever a diver lands on a square occupied by another
diver, he rises tot he first open yellow square above the occupied space,
except in the first (1,000 League) row, when he must return to the red
1,000 square, and start again. When rising in payment of any penalty,
should a diver reach the 1,000 League row, and find no open yellow space,
he returns to the red 1,000 and starts again.


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