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Tour du Monde en 80 Jours,
D'apres Jules Verne

Board Game (ca. 1880 / ca. 1915)

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Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours, D'apres Jules Verne. (ca 1880 / ca 1915)

There are at least 2 versions/Publishers for this game, identified by "1 fold" or "2 folds".

ca. 1880
Publisher: Jeu de société amusant. Paris, Mauclair-Dacier Éditeur,

Date: sd (ca 1880).
Printer: Imprimerie Roche frères, Paris

The board for this variation, measures 55.5x48cm,
and is folded only once (in half)

Ed Note: The date for this version of the game is commonly given as ca. 1880, but as Jeff Barton on the Cotsen Childrens Library site (below) points out, there is a square on the board (#65) that shows the Statue of Liberty.
The Statue's construction was started in 1875 and it was opened in 1886.
SO my question is, in 1880, what state was the Staue in, as it probably wasn't complete, and how did the artist decide to draw it. (The squares number is on the right corner, not the left)

Image above from here.

1880 - note fold down center of game board

Image from here.

Zoom of Image from here.

ca. 1915
Publisher: Société des Jeux et Jouets Français
Printer: Imprimerie Roche frères, Paris
Date: sd (ca 1904-1915)

The board for this variation, measures 56x49cm,
and is folded twice (in quarters)

1915 - Note vertical and horizonal folds

NOTE: In both versions below (1880/1915), Phileas Fogg is identified on the board (square #1) as "Phileas Phogg"

Crop of image from here.

Game contents

  • Box
  • Board
  • 6 lead figurines
  • game tokens
  • bag to hold the tokens
  • 2 dice (2 different coloured 1 spots, blue and red)
  • instructions

Bag, with company name: Jeux et Jouets Français, Paris, tokens with company logo, and dice.

Crop of image from here.

Game Pieces / Figures

The 6 lead game pieces for this board game, are 3 dimensional representations of some of the major characters of the novel.

The characters identified are:

  1. Phileas Fogg
  2. Jean Passepartout
  3. Miss Aouda
  4. Detective Fix
  5. Brigadier General Sir Francis Cromarty (accompanied Fogg in India)
  6. Captain Andrew Speedy (Captain of the steamship Henrietta)

Below character images are from:
... and they are excellent, with excellent detail!

Ed Note: I have editted the images to isolate the pieces as best I can

Crop of image from here.
Phileas Fogg

Crop of image from here.
These 2 images of the Fogg piece
are similar but different!
White beard vs Black Beard?
(and Fogg smokes cigars?)

Crop of image from here.

Crop of image from here.
Does Passepartout smoke ciagars too?

Crop of image from here.

Crop of image from here.

Crop of image from here.
Captain Speedy

Crop of image from here.
Captain of the steamer
Detective Fix

Crop of image from here.
Sir Francis Cromarty

Crop of image from here.

Crop of image from here.
The "Brigadier General"
accompanied Fogg in India

The description of this game sold at auction:

French description of below images:

  • Edité par la "Société des Jeux et Jouets Français" (initiales JFJ), Paris. Sans Date : 1915ca.
  • Formats : boîte 33.5x25.5cm - Tableau de jeu 56x49cm.
  • Boîte de jeu et son couvercle imprimée en couleurs signé "Ludovic" comprenant un tableau de jeu imprmé en couleurs, une règle du jeu (petit manque en haut à gauche) et 10 jetons de couleurs en verre, deux dés, et des pions de couleurs pour différencier les joueurs. Boîte de jeux très peu courante.
  • On notera que la Société JFJ exerça entre 1904 et 1930. Au dos de la bôite est collée une étiquette : "Jeux et Jouets H. Pussey, Paris

English description:

  • Published by the "Society of French Games and Toys" (initials JFJ), Paris. No Date: 1915ca.
  • Formats: box 33.5x25.5cm - Game board 56x49cm.
  • Game box and its lid printed in colour and signed "Ludovic".
  • Contents: Game board printed in colours, Rules of the game, and 10 color chips of glass, two dice, and colored pawns to differentiate the players. Box of games very unusual.
  • It should be noted that the JFJ Society operated between 1904 and 1930.
    On the back of the box is stuck a label: "Games and Toys H. Pussey, Paris

Game Board


Ed Note:
During my research to update my page, I have found many other sites that show and describe this game.
I list the sites here, and copy the images to make sure they are preserved. For each set of photos, I will give credit to where I retrieved them because the organization probably owns copyright.
Andrew Nash, March 2018

George Glazer Gallery
Antiquarian Globes, Maps and Prints
New York City

The below link describes the game board which which was for sale. It has since been sold:

Glazier Images:

corner showing: Imp. Roche frères, PARIS

Again, above Glazier images from here.

Princeton University
Cotsen Children's Library

The Cotsen Children's Library of Princeton University, aquired the game in 2015

The website describing their copy of the game is:

(Ed Note: interestingly, the webpage, and their "archive tag" uses the name "Phineas Fogg" instead of the correct "Phileas Fogg")

It appears that Princeton only aquired the Board, and not the box and other pieces.

(Ed Note: The image of part of the instructions on the website, is actually the instructions for another game "Le Voyage autour de Monde en 80 jours" listed elsewhere on my site)

Ed: Note: a description of this game (board) in the collection of Cotsen Childrens Library by Jeff Barton, correctly points out that there is a square on the board (#65) that shows the Statue of Liberty. As Phileas Foggs journey around the world took place in 1872, he could thus not have seen the Statue as its construction was started in 1875 and opened in 1886

Images from Cotsen:

Again, above images from Cotsen, here.

The Princeton University, Graphic Arts collection

The Princeton University, Graphic Arts collection ALSO has a copy of the game, and they have the BOX and Instructions (They may also have game pieces, but they do not show any pictures)

The website is:

Images from Graphic Arts at Princeton University:

This instruction sheet is formatted differently from the instructions above (Note: It also mentions Phileas Phogg):

Again, the above images are from here.

Collection de Jeux Anciens

The website:
describes many "Around the World" games.

Their site includes images of the 6 pieces that came with the game.

The characters they represent are:

  1. Phileas Fogg
  2. Passepartout
  3. Miss Aouda
  4. Detective Fix
  5. Brigadier General Sir Francis Cromarty
  6. Captain Andrew Speedy, of Cardif

Images from Collection de Jeux Anciens:

Images above from here.

Another page from Collection de Jeux Anciens gives us another view of the game pieces:

Auction house Lombrail-Teucquam, Maison de Ventes

This site has 1 image of the game (board, box, pieces, instructions)

the sale took place, Saturday June 3, 2017. The game, was lot No. 234

the website is:

Size of the box(?) is indicated as: 34x21cm

Image from this site is:

As per the game instructions, the 2 dice in the game, have different colours for the "1 spot", and on the other sides, the dots are black (as usual!)

The image shows 6 game pieces, confirming the number that came with the game:

BUT the instruction sheet here, looks like:

which is different from the 2 different instruction sheets above!

Images above from here.

Millon Auction House, Paris

An auction was held for "Jouets Ancien" (Antique Toys) on Thursday, March 3, 2016.
In that auction, Lot 214, was for 2 Jules Verne "Jeu de l’Oie" games.
1) Tour du Monde en 80 Jours and 2) Voyage autour du Monde En 80 Jours.

The sale realized 900 Euros.

The Website:

Le Tour du Monde En 80 Jours, D'apres Jules Verne, deskewed

Images above from here.

Les jeux de l'oie inspirés du " Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours "

from website:

Images from this site:

Images from here.

Boisgirard Auction

Auction on Friday October 9, 2015
Lot number 81, realized 600 euros

from website:

Interestingly, this image from an Auction at Boisgirard, shows the 6 figures on a "card". I doubt if a game still exists where the characters have never been removed from their "packing" from 1915!!!.
So I wonder, if it is possible that the figures are being reproduced currently, and if it is possible to BUY them.

If anyone has such details, let me know:

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