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Affiches J. Hetzel / J. Hetzel Posters

Etrennes / New Year's Gift

While Jules Verne books were being published by Hetzel, there had to be announcements of the new books for the year so the public would know what was coming out. 

Posters were produced, that listed the current list of books as well as the new book title(s) for the year (i.e. the "Etrennes" or "New Year's Gift"). Sometimes these posters listed Verne books exclusively and other times they listed other authors.

This page shows examples of the posters that I have come across.
(follow this external link to see a complete list of the Hetzel posters)


Poster Name

New Book

Poster Image

1880 Le facteur (black and white)

The Mailman

1882 Fille à la plume d'oie (colour)

Girl with feather 

La Jangada
1882 La Jangada (colour) La Jangada
1883 L'ecole des robinsons - le rayon vert

School for Robinsons - The Green Ray

L'ecole des robinsons
Le rayon vert
1884 Kéraban le têtu Kéraban le têtu
1884 Les animaux 


1889 Jules Verne - Les personnages 
(red over printing)

Jules Verne - The characters

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Famille sans nom
Photo - 1
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1889 Jules Verne - Les personnages
(early version
- with dog by Passepartout)

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1890 Le globe terrestre 


1891 Destroyer tirant des salves de livres

Destroyer firing a salvo of books

1892 Le train 


1909 Le Phare 

The Lighthouse

Le Chasse au meteore
Le Pilote de Danube
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