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Other good resources/links on Jules Verne

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Absolutely THE BEST Site Around on Jules Verne is a collection of pages, compiled by Zvi Har'El.
(This site include the "Jules Verne Forum" a discussion group for chatting about Jules Verne.)
includes the: Jules Verne FAQ

Okay.. I have to link back to MY webpages, about collecting Jules Verne:

Le Centre International Jules Verne

Information on the Books of Jules Verne, by Dennis Kytasaari.

A European flavour to the Jules Verne experience can be found at the site of Garmt de Vries.

Jules Verne sites by Garmt de Vries Titles in 51 languages
The maps from the Voyages Extraordinaires
and Itineraries of the Extraordinary Voyages
Jules Verne Myths

This site no longer exists!(A fine site on Jules Verne and Hetzel editions by  J A Marquis)

Another good site on Jules Verne including an extensive list of collectibles by Alain Braut

A superbe German site by Andreas Fehrmann

A superbe site by Fabien Raynaut describing the Hetzel editions of Jules Verne books.

**This link no longer works*** Another very good set of pages,La fenêtre québécoise sur Jules Verne, by François Chassé, includes a list of characters from the novels of Jules Verne

**This link no longer works*** - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing under jules verne, book collecting and first editions

illustrateurs et illustrations des voyages extraordinaires de jules verne

Jules Verne Societies

A collection of Jules Verne Novels (in French)

and in English and French

Jules Verne Blogs and Websites
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