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Restaurants/ Clubs / Bars / Ships / Streets
with the Name Jules Verne

This page contains information about sites around the world that have been named after Jules Verne, Jules Verne's Characters or Jules Verne's Vehicles.

These sites include: Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Ships, and Streets

Included are sites named after some of Vernes characters or machines like Nemo, or Nautilus.
Bar: Jules Verne
Zurich, Switzerland

Jules Verne Panorama Bar, Uraniastrasse 9

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CLUB: Club Verne
Budapest, Hungary
Club Verne, Restaurant Music Club, 60 Vaci Street.

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Hotel: Jules Verne
Nantes, France

Hotel Jules Verne, 3, Rue du Couëdic, Nantes, France 


Jules Verne Park - Tampa, Florida, USA

Restaurant: Jules Verne
Paris, France
Restaurant Jules Verne
Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), Paris, France

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External Links:
Eiffel Tower: Jules Verne Restaurant (French)
Eiffel Tower: Jules Verne Restaurant (English)
( Eiffel Tower Web Site )

to be researched:
  • Genève (Restaurant Jules Verne, Rue Jean-Violette 20)
  • Quiberon (Restaurant Le Jules Verne, 43 rue de Port Haliguen)
  • Skagen (Restaurant Jules Verne, Havneplads 4)
  • Collège Jules Verne, Rue Jules Verne, 62160 Bully-les-Mines, France
  • Ecole d'application Jules Verne, rue Jules Verne, 08000 Charleville-Mézières
  • Ecole Jules Verne, 13 Rue Jules Verne, LYON 22 69003
  • Université de Picardie-Jules Verne, Amiens

SHIP: Jules Verne - 1931

Ravitailleur de sous-marins Jules Verne (A840)
Submarine Tender Jules Verne (A840)

French Naval Vessel (1931 - 1961)
- launched in 1931
- retired from Active service 1959
- scrapped in 1961

(Above image by Paul Igert, 1941)

(lead model by C.B.G. Mignot, France shown above)

SHIP: Jules Verne - 1976

Bâtiment Atelier Polyvalent (BAP) Jules Verne (A620)
Technical Support and Supply Ship Jules Verne (A620)
French Naval Vessel (1976 - 20xx)
- into active service June 1, 1976

(above photo by: Photo Marius Bar Toulon, Tous Doits Reserve - mail to:

External Links:
BAP JV ( Defense Department, France )
BAP JV ( Net-marine - Unofficial French Navy site )

SHIP: Jules Verne Exoplorer, Glass Bottom boat, Gulf of Eilat, Israel

SHIP: Motor Yacht Jules Verne (and R/C Model)

Original name: Jules Verne Year Launched: 2000
Current name: Jules Verne Air Conditioning: Marine Air / Heinen & Hopman
Length (ft): 60 Beam (ft): 157
Draft (ft): 4 Max Speed (kts.): 26
Cruise Speed (kts.): 20 Range (nm): 400
Power: N/A Number of Staterooms: 3
Builder: Vitters Shipyard B.V. Interior Design: Rene van der Velden
Superstructure: Aluminum Hull Material: Aluminum
Description: Motor Yacht Issue of
Show Boats International:
Nov 1, 2000
Bow Thruster: Hydrosta Deck Windlass: Lewmar
Naval Architect: Rene van der Velden Paint: Sikkens
Engines: 2 x Caterpillar 3196 DITA Fuel Capacity (U.S. gal): 1079
Generators: Onan, 16 kW Tenders: Pichel Bolero 300
Water Capacity: 286
AutoPilot: Raypilot Depth Finder: Autohelm
GPS: Raytheon Radar Raytheon
Wind Instruments: Autohelm
Comments: from site:
No doubt the most charming launch of the decade, Jules Verne is a spectacular example of retro styling. Designed by Rene van der Velden and built by Vitters in aluminum, this classy flybridge motor yacht pledges allegience to the commuter yachts of the 1920s both inside and out. Sark stained mahogany furniture is offset by white painted overheads. Her performance turns heads as well. She hits 26 knots on a pair of small Cats and has a bow and stern thrusters for maneuvering in tight Dutch canals


recreated as a Remote Controlled model by "von Graupner"

Streets: Jules Verne


  • Montreal, QC, Canada - rue Jules Verne (External Link to
  • Quebec, QC, Canada - rue Jules Verne (External Link to
  • Sainte-Foy, QC, Canada - rue Jules Verne


  • Pazin, Croatia - Jules Verne Street (in Croatian: Ulica Jules Vernea)


  • Limassol, Cyprus - Jules Verne Street
  • 17444 Aytre Cedex, France - rue Jules Verne
  • 42160 Bonson, France - rue Jules Verne 
  • 62160 Bully-les-Mines, France - rue Jules Verne
  • 44470 Carquefou, France - rue Jules Verne
  • 63100 Clermont-Ferrand, France - rue Jules Verne. 
  • Le Cretoy, France - rue Jules Verne
  • 08000 Charleville-Mézières, France - rue Jules Verne, 
  • 92291 Châtenay Malabry, France - rue Jules Verne
  • Joigny Cedex, France - rue Jules Verne 
  • 14100 Lisieux, France - rue JulesVerne 
  • 69003 Lyon, France - rue Jules Verne
  • Ville de Mulhouse, France - rue Jules Verne
  • 44000 Nantes, France - blvd Jules Verne
  • 77140 Nemours, France - rue Jules Verne, 
  • 58000 Nevers, France - rue Jules Verne 
  • 44700 Orvault, France - rue Jules Verne
  • 92800 Puteaux, France - rue Jules Verne 
  • 59790 Ronchin, France - rue Jules Verne 
  • 44230 Saint Sebastien sur Loire, France - rue Jules Verne
  • 18100 Vierzon, France - rue Jules Verne


  • Naxxar, Malta - Jules Verne Street


  • Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands - Carrer de Jules Verne (inaugurated May 1, 1942)

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