Food Wrappers: Mints

The Lackerli-Huus company of Basel, Switzerland produced a candy mint, that was packed in a unique tin box.
Each box is made to look like a miniature Jules Verne book. Each measures 51mm wide, and 57mm tall, and 12mm deep. The boxes are made of a tin like material, and are painted red, with a cover design, and the title of the book on the cover as well as the spine.

The side and ends of the tin are painted gold to look like gilt edged pages!
I have 4 Titles in my collection and they are pictured below (slightly larger than actual size)
Vingt milles lieues sous les mers  De la terre a la lune
Michel Strogoff Le Chancellor
The following image of the back of the packaging,
shows the manufacturer, the distributor, and the contents.
Images copyright Andrew Nash 2002, 1998
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