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Jules Verne Models/Replicas

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This page shows various models based on the works of Jules Verne.

This page deals with all the models that are not of the Nautilus 

Some are model kits, some are pre-built static models, others are scratch-built originals either static or
radio controlled.

Around the World in 80 Days Movie Balloon

Note: this is based on the balloon that Phileas Fogg uses in the Michael Todd movie version of Around the World.

Please remember, that in the novel that Jules Verne wrote, there was NO balloon.

The model seems to be relatively rare. (I guess there weren't many who wanted to own the balloon fromt he movie!)

Man in the Moon, with projectile

Nautilus Garden Ornament

Replica of the Squid attack on the Nautilus.

"Bronzed effect"

Jules Verne Bust

Produceed by Chris Walas
(movie special effects artist: Arachnophobia, The Fly)

This bust is made of resin, and came with the bronze finish

This bust was never put into mass production, and it is unclear how many copies exist, and what colour they are.
(a prototype copy has been noted in white resin)

Albatross paper model


"life size" mock-up of the From the Earth to the Moon projectile
Mysterious Island:
Ray Harryhausen Nautaloid Chess Figure
painted "polystone resin"


Limited edition of 5000

Mysterious Island:
Ray Harryhausen Phororhacos "Chess Figure"
painted "polystone resin"


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