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If you want to branch out, and collect something other than books, then Movie collectibles could be the way to go. Jules Verne is very popular in Hollywood and around the world, and there have been numerous movies produced from his stories.

Of course, you can always collect the actual movie itself  on tape (VHS & Beta, in either NTSC or PAL standard), Laserdisc, or the actual film stock itself (hardly likely, but if you have connections ...), but Movie collectibles are usually items from the advertising for the movie, which could include: Posters (1 sheet, 3 sheet, 6 sheet etc), Stills (B+W & Colour), Lobby Cards (sets of 8), Inserts, Press Kits, and Press Books. You might be able to find model kits from the movies, for instance a model of the Disney Nautilus. If you are a good collector, I suppose the ultimate addition to a collection would be a prop from one of the movies, but alas, my collection is not so fortunate, so I won't be showing anything of that sort here!

A fuller description, and examples of movie items will be on display here soon. Please check back later.

A List of the Movies inspired by Jules Verne is also available in my website.

Movie: Up to His Ears/Les Tribulations D'un "Chinois" en Chine.
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Ursula Andress ...
Item: Lobby Card

Up to His Ears - thumbnail

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