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English Book Sets/Series

On this page are listed various "Sets" of Jules Verne titles. None of the sets contain ALL Jules Vernes novels, but some come close.

You can jumpe directly to some of the sets by following the following links (NOTE: NOT all the listed sets have a link here):

Works of Jules Verne- 15 volume set, Vincent Parke and Company

Click to view a Full Description of the Vincent Parke Sets

Works of Jules Verne- a 15 volume set
Vincent Parke and Company,
New York and London (1911)
Edited by Charles F. Horne, Ph. D.

Full Works of Jules Verne Description

(The description at the front of each volume indicates he was 
"Professor of English, College of the City of New York; Author of The Technique of the Novel, etc.") 
This set does not contain ALL the books and stories written by Jules Verne. The following explaination for the stories chosen for this set is taken from the preface about Jules Verne in volume 1 written by Charles F. Horne:  
"... Yet, in no spirit of unfairness, we must admit that Jules Verne's claim upon the Academy rather decreased with added years. Most of his later books by no means equal his earlier ones. A man over seventy may well be pardoned if he no longer writes with the fresh fancy and confident vigor of thirty-five. To present all Verne's later work to American readers would be fair neither to the fame of the author nor to the pocket of the public. Therefore a labor of selection has been necessary. All the works that have made Jules Verne beloved, all that present his imaginary inventions, his prophecies of the future, every work that honest critics have though worth preserving, is included in this edition. It presents not only those books crowned by the French Academy, but all those crowned by the verdict of that final judge, that best of judges when long years run full, that judge to whom all our work must be submitted in the end, the general public.  
To them this work is dedicated.  
Charles F. Horne

Jules Verne's Works, Uniform Edition

Jules Verne's Works
Uniform Edition
/ Uniform Binding
Charles Scribner's Sons
New York
Full Uniform Edition Description

This series, in a Red binding contains 14 volumes,
all are published in 8vo and are illustrated:
- Around the World in 80 Days
- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
- Michael Strogoff
- A Floating City and the Blockade Runners
- Hector Servadac
- Dick Sands
- A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
- The Mysterious Island
- From the Earth to the Moon Direct in Ninety-Seven Hours, Twenty Minutes; and a Journey Around It
- Steam House
- Giant Raft
- The Exploration of the World: Famous Travels and Travellers
- The Exploration of the World: The Great Navigators
- Exploration of the World: The Explorers of the Nineteenth Century

Various printings

1886 - identified on title page as Uniform Edition

1904, 1906, 1908
no series name on title page, but on a page before the title, says Jules Verne's Works, 14 volumes in uniform binding

Every Boy's Library
George Routledge and Sons, Limited
Broadway, Ludgate Hill
London, Glascow, Manchester, and New York
(aprox 1890-1900)

ed: I own 1 inscribed Xmas 1894

Described in the catalogue in the back of 1 book:
Books by Jules Verne. 1s. each. Cloth

This is a series of hard cover books. They measure a small 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 x 1/2 inches, and have yellow and red flowers on the cover (ed: I like to call it the Pansy series! though I know they are not pansys!). Some of the books have the publishers catalog printed on the end papers. 
I have seen covers in Red and Blue and Grey and Green

The only illustration is the Frontice, OR an image on the title page.

The series contains the following 15 volumes (consisting of 10 Verne stories): 

  1. Adventures of Three Englishment and Three Russians
  2. English at the North Pole
  3. Field of Ice (sequel to above)
  4. Five Weeks in a Balloon
  5. From the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon
  6. A Floating City & The |Blockade Runners
  7. The Fur Country, Part 1
  8. The Fur Country, Part 2 
  9. Journey to the Centre of the Earth 
  10. Round the World in Eighty Days 
  11. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Part 1 
  12. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Part 2 
  13. A Voyage Round the World - South America
  14. A Voyage Round the World - Australia
  15. A Voyage Round the World - New Zealand

NOTE: See Above... The Fur Country Part 1, has been observed with 2 cover variations:
  1. With "Part 1" printed on the cover below "The Fur Country" and with "Vol. 1" on the spine
  2. With NO part indication on the cover, BUT the spine has 1 *, below the title

Jules Verne Series
"Sea Serpent Series"
(Ed Note: my designation)
Ward, Lock and Co, Limited,
London (aprox 1900-1905)

This is a series of hard cover books. They measure 5 1/2 x 7 3/4 x 7/8 inches. Their most distinguishing feature, is the cover art. The cover illustration is rather primitive, showing a hot air balloon, 2 ships, and a large 'SEA SERPENT'. The serpent is repeated on the spine. Each book has 1 frontice  illustration by Henry Austin. 
I have seen covers in Red, Green and Blue. 

 The following are the 12 titles in the series: 

  1. Among the Cannibals
  2. Around the World in Eighty Days
  3. A Journey into the Interior of the Earth
  4. The Mysterious Document 
  5. On the Track
  6. Five Weeks in a Balloon (with Eatons receipt, Dec 1904)
  7. The English at the North Pole
  8. The Ice Desert
  9. From the Earth to the Moon
  10. Round the Moon (inscribed 1902)
  11. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Part 1) - 1 star on spine
  12. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Part 2) - 2 stars on spine

(ANash: I have a real fondness for this series. The cover art is so primitive!)

Memorial Edition
The Best Novels of Jules Verne

nd - seen inscribed 1905

P F Collier & Son
New York

Titles include:

  1. Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
  2. From the Earth to the Moon
  3. The Mysterious Island (?)
  4. Tour of the World in Eighty Days
  5. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne Series
Hurst & Company, Publishers,
New York (aprox 1909/1910)

This is a series of hard cover books. They measure 5 1/16 x 7 1/2 x 1 inches. The binding is beige with orange, yellow and black trim. The cover art, is an explorer, in yellow, wearing a pithe helmet, gazing through binoculars, and carrying a rifle. He is looking at  a sailing ship, and there is a bag of gold at his feet! The spine shows the  same explorer. 
The title on the spine has been noted in Gold and in Black. 
(Some books in the series are illustrated.  ) 
The following are the 8 titles in the series:
  • Adventures of a Special Correspondent in Central Asia
  • Astounding Adventures Amoung the Comets  
  • Facing the Flag 
  • Floating Island (Illustrated)
  • From the Earth to the Moon
  • Mysterious Island
  • Tour of the World in Eighty Days (seen inscribed Xmas 1910)
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  • ...

A L Burt

A.L Burt Company Publishers
52-58 Duane Street, New York

This series does not seem to have a name

The volumes have no date printed, but one has been observed with a 1912 inscription.

I assume that the titles in this cover design from AL Burt matches the list of titles in the below "Jules Verne Series" by A L Burt!

image courtesy of James Keeline

Above is the dustjacket

\below, is the cover under the dustjacket

Jules Verne Series
Verne's Famous Books of Adventure

Circa 1920s

A. L. Burt Company
114-120 East 23rd St., New York
(according to the DustJacket)

The books were published with a dustjacket.

There is no date printed, but inscribed date of 1922 & 1923

The Dustjacket looks like this:

The covers below the dustjacket look like this:

Titles viewed include:

  1. 800 Leagues on the Amazon
  2. Dick Sand
  3. From the Earth to the Moon
  4. Michael Strogoff
  5. The Mysterious Island
  6. Tour of the World in 80 Days
  7. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

**Note, only the above 7 titles are listed on the back of the Dustjacket!

images courtesy of James Keeline

'Wasp' Edition (Ed Note: my designation)
Butler Brothers,
New York and Chicago (aprox 1887/1888)

Series of hard cover books. They measure 5 1/4 x 7 5/8 x 1 inch. The bindings I have seen are in brown and red. The cover and spine art contain a maple leaf, and in addition, the cover has 2 'wasps' and the word 'edition', along with fancy 'scrolls'. I do not know the actual titles in the series, but I know of the following: 

-Mysterious Island 
-Tour of the World in 80 Days 
-20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 
-The Fur Country 

Alta Edition
Porter and Coates, Philadelphia

The bindings are brown or gold in colour.
There are 2 variations shown
1) with "ALTA EDITION" inside a square on top of a "leaf" design
2) with "ALTA EDITION" inside a script design (this variant is less common)

The titles I know of are the  following:

  • At the North Pole
  • Twenty Thousand Leauges Under the Sea
  • Underground City
  • Desert of Ice 

Franklin Edition (Version 1)
Square design with bees.

Books in this series are:
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Franklin Edition (Version 2)
Round design

Books in this series include:
Five Weeks in a Balloon
The Giant Raft

Arlington Edition

Hurst and Co., New York

"Pears' Soap" Edition
Sampson Low (1880s,1890s)

(Sampson Low History)

Named because of the advertisement for Pears' Soap on the back cover.

Comprehensive and detailed listing with cover images available here.

Books in this series (39 and possibly a few more):

  1. Abandoned (Mysterious Island, Part 2)
  2. The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa
  3. The Archipelago on Fire
  4. Around the Moon (Round the Moon on Title page)
  5. Around the World in Eighty Days
  6. The Begums Fortune
  7. The Blockade Runners
  8. Burbank the Northerner (North Against South, Part 1)
  9. The Captain of the Guidara (Keraban the Inflexible, Part 1)
  10. The Child of the Cavern
  11. The Clipper of the Clouds
  12. The Cryptogrm (The Giant Raft, Part 2)
  13. The Demon of Cawnpore (The Steam House, Part 1)
  14. Dick Sands
  15. Dr Ox's Experiment, Master Zacharius
  16. Dropped From the Clouds (Mysterious Island, Part 1)
  17. Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon (The Giant Raft Part 1)
  18. Five Weeks in a Balloon
  19. The Flight to France or The Memoirs of a Dragoon
  20. A Floating City
  21. From the Earth to the Moon
  22. The Fur Country
  23. Godfrey Morgan
  24. The Green Ray
  25. Hector Servadac
  26. The Lottery Ticket
  27. Martin Paz
  28. Mathias Sandorf, Part 1
  29. Mathias Sandorf, Part 2
  30. Michael Strogoff - not yet seen in Pears binding
  31. Scarpante the Spy (Keraban the Inflexible, Part 2)
  32. The Secret of the Island (Mysterious Island, Part 3)
  33. The Survivors of the Chancellor (Part 1 and 2 in 1 volume)
  34. Texar the Southerner (North Against South, Part 2)
  35. Tigers and Traitors (The Steam House, Part 2)
  36. Tribulations of a Chinaman
  37. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas (Complete in 2 parts)
  38. Vanished Diamond
  39. A Winter Amid the Ice

One Shilling
Jules Verne's Works
Low's Authorized & Illustrated Edition
Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington

Frys Cocoa instead of Pears' Soap? - These books appear to have a Fry's Cocoa ad on the back cover

These volumes are paperbound, and probably have a title set, similar to the above listing of Pears Soap Editions, by Sampson Low.

All of these have the publisher listed as
Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, which puts the date of publication around 1876-1890 (Sampson Low History)

ed: Note the different covers on the above Blockade Runners editions
One has an image from the book, the other an image of Jules Verne!

"Hutchinson Series"
Hutchinson and Company, London (1890s)
(one copy is inscribed 1893)

Red and Green covers with images from Verne's novels (Albatross, Giant Raft, Ice scene, ...)
Title on gilt background on some, and plain background on others.

Books in the series:

  • English at the North Pole
  • Five Weeks in a Balloon
    (combined with Journey to the Centre ...)
  • Captain Hatteras; or The English at the North Pole

Jules Verne Series
M A Donohue

Cover depicts 2 men in a balloon. Cover is green with black and cream highlights.
The series came in a matching dustjacket, but it is rare to find it.

Series titles include:

  1. The Cryptogram
  2. Claudius Bombarnac
  3. Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
  4. Floating Islands
  5. From the Earth to the Moon
  6. Michael Strogoff
  7. Mysterious Island
  8. Around the Moon
  9. Ticket No. "9672"
  10. Tour of the World in Eighty Days
  11. A Trip Around the World in a Flying machine
  12. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Fitzroy Edition (hard cover)
Arco Publications, London
Bernard Hannison, London
Associated Booksellers, Westport Connecticut

Full Fitzroy Edition Description

Series titles include:

l. Adrift in the Pacific (pt 1: Two Years Vacation)
2. Among the Cannibals (pt 2: Children of Captain Grant)
3. Anomalous Phenomena (pt 1: Hector Servadac) 
4. Around the World in 80 Days
5. At the North Pole  (pt 1: Captain Hatteras) 
6. Begum's Fortune (aka: 500 Millions of the Begum)
7. Black Diamonds (aka: Child of the Cavern)
8. Burbank the Northerner (pt 1: North Against South)
9. Carpathian Castle
10. Chancellor (aka: Wreck of the Chancellor)
11. City in the Sahara  (pt 2: Barsac Mission)
12. Claim on Forty Mile Creek  (pt 1: Golden Volcano)
13. Clipper of the Clouds
14. The Cryptogram (pt 2: Jangada/Giant Raft) 
15. Danube Pilot 
16. Demon of Cawnpore  (pt 1: Steam House) 
17. Down the Amazon  (pt 1: Jangada/Giant Raft)
18. Drama in Livonia 
19. Dropped from the Clouds  (pt 1: Mysterious Island)
20. Dr Ox and Other Stories
21. End of the Journey (pt 2: Thompson and Company, Agents)
22. Five Weeks in a Balloon
23. Flight to France
24. A Floating City
25. Flood and Flame  (pt 2: Golden Volcano) 
26. For the Flag
27. From the Earth to the Moon 
28. Green Ray + The Blockade Runners 
29. Homeward Bound  (pt 2: Hector Servadac) 
30. Hunt for the Meteor  (aka: Chase of the Golden Meteor)
31. Into the Abyss  (pt 2: Family Without a Name)
32. Into the Niger Bend  (pt 1: Barsac Mission)
33. Journey to the Centre of the Earth
34. Leader of the Resistance  (pt 1: Family Without a Name)
35. Masterless Man  (pt 1: Survivors of the Jonathan)
36. Master of the World
37. Measuring a Meridian  (aka: Adventures of 3 Englishmen...) 
38. Michael Strogoff 
39. Mysterious Document  (pt 1: Children of Captain Grant)
40. Mystery of Arthur Gordon Pym  (aka: Sphinx of the Icefields)
41. Package Holiday  (pt 1: Thompson and Company, Agents) 
42. Propeller Island  (aka: Floating Island) 
43. The Purchase of the North Pole 
44. Round the Moon 
45. Salvage from the Cynthia  (aka: Wreck of the Cynthia)
46. School for Crusoes  (aka: School for Robinsons) 
47. Sea Serpent  (aka: Tales of Jean-Marie Cabidoulin)
48. Second Year Ashore  (pt 2: Two Years Vacation) 
49. Secret of the Island  (pt of 2 Mysterious Island) 
50. Secret of Wilhelm Storitz 
51. Show on Ice (pt 2: Caesar Cascabel) 
52. Southern Star Mystery 
53. Sun in Eclipse  (pt 1: Fur Country) 
54. Texar the Southerner (pt 2: North Against South)
55. Through the Bering Straight (pt 2: Fur Country) 
56. Tigers and Traitors (pt 2: Steam House) 
57. Travelling Circus (pt 1: Caesar Cascabel) 
58. Tribulations of a Chinese Gentleman 
59. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 
60. Unwilling Dictator  (pt 2: Castaways of the Jonathan)
61. Village in the Treetops
62. Wilderness of Ice  (pt 2: Captain Hatteras)
63. Yesterday and Tomorrow

Fitzroy Edition (paperback)

Full Fitzroy Edition Description

Series titles include:

  1. Begum's Fortune
  2. Carpathian Castle
  3. City in the Sahara
  4. Demon of Cawnpore
  5. For the Flag
  6. Hunt for the Meteor
  7. Into the Niger Bend
  8. Tigeers and Traitors
  9. Village in the Treetops
  10. Yesterday and Tomorrow


Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series
University of Nebraska Press
Lincoln and London

Series titles include:

  1. The Chase of the Golden Meteor (1998)
  2. The Meteor Hunt (2006)
  3. Lighthouse at the End of the World (2007)
  4. The Golden Volcano (2008)
  5. The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz (2011)
  6. Magellania (2013)
  7. The Self-Propelled island (2015)

according to University of Nebraska Press website: "We are no longer accepting submissions for this series, which is inactive."


Early Classics of Science Fiction
Wesleyan University Press
Edited by Arthur B. Evans

Full Early Classics of Science Fiction (Jules Verne Titles) Description

Series titles include:
  1. The Mysterious Island
  2. Invasion of the Sea
  3. The Mighty Orinoco
  4. The Begum's Millions
  5. Kip Brothers
  6. Travel Scholarships
  7. Five Weeks in a Balloon
  8. Robur the Conqueror


This may not really be considered a "series" BUT The Luath Press Ltd, has been publishing NEW translations of Jules Verne books related to Scotland, so I am including it here.

Luath Press Limited
343/2 Castlehill
The Royal Mile
Edinburgh EH1 2ND,

Full Luath Press Ltd Verne Books Description

Series titles include:

  1. The Undergouond City, Set underneath Lock Katrine (2005)
    translated by Sarah Crozier (Title listing)
  2. The Green Ray, Set in Argyll and the Inner Hebrides (2009)
    translated by Karen Loukes
  3. The Blockade Runners, Set in Glascow and Charleston (2017)
    translated by Karen Loukes
  4. Jules Verne's Scotland, In Fact and Fiction (2011) by Ian Thompson

2011 to 2017

The Palik Series
published by BearManor Media
Albany, Georgia
Edited by Brian Taves

Full Palik Series Description

Series titles include:

  1. The Marriage of a Marquis
  2. Shipwrecked Family: Marooned with Uncle Robinson
  3. Mr. Chimp and Other Plays
  4. The Count of Chanteleine: A Tale of the French Revolution
  5. Vice, Redemption and the Distant Colony
  6. Around the World in 80 Days - The 1874 Play
  7. Bandits & Rebels
  8. Golden Danube
  9. A Priest in 1835
  10. The Castles of California
  11. Scheherazade’s Last Night and Other Plays
  12. (not yet published) - Worlds Known and Unknown

George Munro
George Munro
Munros Library of Popular Novels
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