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Fountain Pens
(and others)

Waterman (France) - Jules Verne

Waterman, Jules Verne Pens, Ball Point
(The pens above, are the Ballpoint version)

The Waterman Jules Verne pens come in 2 designs. The images are reminiscent of 3 of the books written by Jules Verne. (see above):

Top: Red and Blue, a combination of From the Earth to the Moon and Five Weeks in a Balloon
Bottom: Green/Grey Colour, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

When boxed, the box design is as below:

Waterman, Jules Verne Pen, Box

(Waterman, Paris, Jules Verne Pen, Fountain Pen Box)

Waterman, Jules Verne Pens, Fountain, Twenty Thousand ...

Waterman, Jules Verne Pens, Fountain, Twenty Thousand ...

Above is the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea variation of the Fountain pen.

Waterman, Jules Verne Pens, Fountain, From the Earth ...

Waterman, Jules Verne Pens, Fountain, From the Earth ...

Above is the From the Earth to the Moon / Five Weeks in a Balloon variation of the Fountain pen.

Waterman (France) - Phileas

The following 2 pens, are what Waterman has named the "Phileas" model.

The designs on the 2 pens are very simple, and bear no relationship to Phileas Fogg.
The Pens are available as Fountain Pens, or as Roller Ball Pens.
They are connected to Jules Verne in Name only, and frankly, though a nice pen,
they are not worth the effort, from a Verne point of view!

Marbled Blue fountain pen


Marbled Green fountain pen:


(There are also Red and Gey marbled variations)

Montblanc - Writers Edition 2003 - Jules Verne
Limited Edition Jules Verne.

"Produced in 2003 as a worldwide limited edition, the uniqueness of which is guaranteed by Montblanc." (Montblanc brochure)

For the year 2003, Monblanc produced a limited edition pen in their Writers Edition Series.
(released in August 2003). The Writers' Edition honours significant authors of world literature and focuses on their work.

"In honour of the inventor of Science Fiction - Jules Verne.
"All around stretches the blue expancse of the ocean, broken only by the successive waves of a guilloche pattern that laps around the barrel deep within the highly polished laquer..." This vivid description may sound like something out of Jules Verne, but it becomes reality in the Limited Edition dedicated to the famous writer. The antique diver's helmet engraved on the rhodium=plated 19-carat gold nib entices you to journey 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, while the platinum-plated trim and ivory-coloured star add the perfet finishing touches to this exquisite writing instrument. the cap also features a very personal link to the author in the shape of his facsimile signature." (Montblanc brochure)

(image created by Iris Huebener from images on

The pen is available as:
A 3 piece set including Fountain pen, Ballpoint pen and Mechanical pencil
(pencil not available seperately)
Fountain pen (nib with diving helmet design)
18,500 (incl. 4500 in set)
Ballpoint pen (with twist-action) 16,500 (incl. 4500 in set)

At the silver/platinum end of the cap, on one side, is a signature of Jules Verne, and on the opposit side is the number of the pen,. For the Fountain Pen and the Ballpoint Pen, it will say xxxxx/18,500 and xxxxx/16,500 repectively and for the Pencil, it will say xxxxx/4,500. In a set all the xxxxx numbers will match.

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