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Jules Verne's Works


Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd
100, Southwark St., S.E.

ED: This is the only dustjacket I have seen of this style, as of March 2022

Collection Andrew Nash

Adventure Dustjacket Series

Sampson Low

Priced 1/6

Titles in this series include:

  1. Archipelago on Fire - Big Ship Cover
  2. Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon - Big Ship Cover
  3. From the Earth to the Moon - Coll ANash - Monkey Jungle
    DJ "Chronicles of the IMP"
  4. Texar the Southerner - Monkey Jungle Cover
  5. ...

Ed: The Dustjacket is a Generic Jacket, in that my From the Earth to the Moon, has an image in the middle of the spine of a diver in a helmet!

Archipelago on Fire and Texar the Sourtherner both available from
Adrian Harrington Rare Books

Voyages Dustjacket Series
"Ever popular Books for Boys"

Sampson Low

Samspon Low issued some books with a Dustjacket that has images from numerous Verne titles.

The rear ad for the series says:
Jules Verne's Ever Popular Booys For Boys
Uniform with this Volume
(with an image of the Onion Dome/Taj cover !)

The Dustjackets were put over various style covers and NOT all the same.

The Dustjacket has been noted over "Onion Dome", "Monkey Jungle" and "Big Ship"

Titles covered with this Dustjacket inclue:

  1. Adrift in the Pacific (with a RED banner)
  2. Clipper of the Clouds (price 3 shillings on DJ)
  3. From the Earth to the Moon
  4. The Purchase of the North Pole
  5. Round the Moon ("6" visible on DJ spine, so 2s6d)
  6. Twenty Thousand Leauges Under the Sea
    2s blacked out on spine, 2s6d on rear cover)
  7. ...

2s or 2s6d blacked out on spine but 2s6d prominent on rear cover

IMP and similar dustjackets

Many of the Imp dustjackets have an artist's initials in the bottom Right corneer of the front image.
Those initials are M. L. P.

Who IS this MLP???

A search of the internet does not find MUCH, but this link gives us a starting point.

Bear Alley: Mary Louise Parker (

On that page, dedicated to author Mary Louise Parker, the blogger ( makes a connection between the author and the illustrator.

Mary Louise Parker wrote such titles as The Twins at School, Dormitory "Wistaria", Suzette Wins Her Way, The Triumphant Term, Captain, Pro. Tem.,and "Peter" and Co.,

These were seeminly books for girls, and ALL the above titles were published by Sampson Low, another link to Jules Verne!

The Dormitory book mentioned above ALSO has M.L.P. in the right corner of the DJ!

WAS Mary Louise Parker both an author, in the Sampson Low "stable" AND an illustrator for Sampson Low?

BUT if she was SO prolific with all these girls titles, many series of them, when did she have time to do the art!?

As well as many DJ images for Jules Verne, M.L.P. created DJ images for other authors like Louisa M. Alcott
Jack and Jill - a Village Story (

Steve of Bear Alley, also indicates one of his links between Mary Louise Parker and M.L.P. is the mention of "L. Parker" as an illustrator, seen on THIS page
for Harry Collingwood:: Works by Harry Collingwood - Wikipedia

IN the table listing novels by Harry Collingwood, it shows 3 books published by Sampson Low and illustrated by "M.L.P." but also ONE book published by Sampson Low but illustrated by "L Parker", the assumption being MLP and L parker are the same person.

An example of a DJ by L Parker is this:
9974987043_2.jpg (1599×2000) (

As you can see, the name is "signed" in a script, different from "M.L.P." but the style/blocking(?) of the DJ is VERY similar to the images on the Verne DJs.

ARE Mary Louise Parker (Sampson Low author) and "M.L.P." (Sampson Low DJ and illustration artist) and "L Parker" (DJ illustrator) the SAME person???

More research is required!!!

(Above DJ NOT Imp)

Chronicles of the IMP Series
with Specific Title Dustjackets

Sampson Low

In the late 1920's, Sampson Low issued Jules Verne books with a Dustjacket, that always had an ad on the back, advertising
The Chronicles of the IMP by Jeffery Farnol

Titles in this Series include:

  1. The Abandoned - (Jeffery Farnol Ad, but NOT Imp) & IMP (2nd img)
  2. Adrift in the Pacific (2 variations of Dustjacket) - Taj/Onion Dome
  3. The Adventures of Three Englishmen
  4. Around the World in Eighty Days
  5. The Castaways of the Flag
  6. The Clipper of the Clouds (2 variations of Dustjacket)
  7. The Cryptogram
  8. Dropped From the Clouds (1 Imp, 1 NOT Imp)
  9. 800 Leagues On the Amazon (2 variations of Dustjacket - 1 a Taj cover)
  10. End of Nana Sahib
  11. Five Weeks in a Balloon
  12. Flight to France
  13. Floating City and The Blockade Runners (2 variations of Dustjacket)
  14. Floating Island - Coll ANash - Monkey Jungle
  15. From the Earth to the Moon (inscribed 1939) - Small Ship Cover
  16. The Fur Country - Big Ship Cover
  17. Lighthouse at the End of the World
  18. Master of the World
  19. Michael Strogoff
  20. The Secret of the Island
  21. Tribulations of a Chinaman
  22. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (2 variations of Dustjacket)
  23. The Vanished Diamond
  24. A Winter Amid the Ice
  25. ...

ED: Note - I have only seen 1 DJ like the below Dropped from the Clouds so far, and the book binding is Onion Dome - Coll ANash

Dust Jacket of
Boys' Stories of School and Adventure
Sampson Low

This dustjack has been seen with Michael Strogoff and the rear of the Dustjacket says:
The Following "Boys' Stories of School and Adventure" are published Uniform with this volume.
The cover under the Michael Strogoff Dustjacket was "Small Ship"!

The titles listed on the Dust Jacket in this series include:

  1. Abandoned
  2. Around the World in 80 Days
  3. The Cryptogram
  4. Dick Sands
  5. Dropped From the Clouds
  6. Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
  7. End of Nana Sahib
  8. Five Weeks in a Balloon
  9. Flight to France
  10. A Floating City and Blockade Runners
  11. From the Earth to the Moon and a Trip Round It
  12. Fur Country
  13. Godfrey Morgan
  14. Hector Servadac
  15. The Lighthouse at the End of the World
  16. Master of the World
  17. Michael Strogoff
  18. Mystery of the Franklin
  19. Secret of the Island
  20. Their Island Home
  21. Tribulations of a Chinaman
  22. Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

Other Authors were also issued in this series

Each of the Explorers books, came with a Dust Jacket.
Images below:

Group of Explorers
Sampson Low

The books in this series, all have the same cover, but they did come with Dust Jackets

Titles in this series include:

  1. Adrift in the Pacific
  2. Burbank the Northerner
  3. The Clipper of the Clouds
  4. Secret of the Island (175pgs/32Ads)
  5. Texar the Southerner A Tale of the American Civil War
  6. Tigers and Traitors
  7. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  8. ...

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