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Docteur Ox (Le) - 1874
Doctor Ox - 1874

Image used with permission from
Project Jules Verne Illustrations by Bernhard Krauth,

(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne
& MZ, HG, DA, QA

This is a collection of stories, with "Doctor Ox" being the main story. 
The stories include: 

    Doctor Ox (DO), Master Zacharius (MZ), A Winter Amid the Ice (HG), A Drama in the Air (DA), Fortieth French Ascent of Mount Blanc (QA)(this was written by Jules' brother Paul (1829-1897))
Many of the stories were also published on their own. For these see their seperate listings 

Alternate "Doctor Ox" or "Collected Short Story" English Titles:

    A Winter Amid the Ice and Other Thrilling Stories
    Doctor Ox
    Dr. Ox
    Dr. Ox and other Stories
    Dr. Ox's Experiment, and other stories
    From the Clouds to the Mountains
    Winter in the Ice (A), and Other Stories 
Titles of separate stories include: 
Plot Synopsis: 
(courtesy of D. Kytasaari -
Le Docteur Ox (Doctor Ox) 
Doctor Ox and his assistant Ygene come to the small quiet community of Quiquendone located in Flanders. He promises to light this town with a network of oxyhydric gas pipes. During the construction of this network, the quiet community becomes quite excitable, to the point where they are ready to go to war against a neighboring community. But what is the cause of this change in the nature of the good people of Quiquendone? Perhaps it is something in the air, but only Doctor Ox and his assistant Ygene know for sure.

Maître Zacharius ou l'horloger qui a perdu son âme (Master Zacharius or the Clockmaker Who Lost His Soul) 
As a clockmaker in Geneva, Switzerland begins dying, all of the time pieces that he has crafted begin failing as though a part of his soul became a part of each of them. Soon only one of his time pieces remains functional, and for the clockmaker to gain possession of it, he must give his daughter's hand in marriage to a man who works for the devil himself.

NOTE: This was originally written in 1854.

Un Voyage en Ballon a.k.a. Un Drame dans les Airs (A Drama in the Air)
In Germany a man plans to take some passengers on a ride in his balloon. When they don't show, another man quickly jumps into the basket as the balloon begins its ascent. The unexpected passenger only intent in his ride it for the pilot to take the balloon as high as it will go.

NOTE: This was originally written in 1851.

Un Hivernage dans les Glaces (A Winter Amid the Ice)
When his son Louis and members of the crew of the ship Jeune-Hardie, do not return from sea, Jean Cornbutte decides to refit the ship and go north to find them. Accompanying him on this trip is his son's fiancée, Marie, and the man who would be his son's rival for her affections, the ship's first officer, André Vasling. When the missing party is found in the extreme north, the only thing left to do is survive the bitter cold and rivalry.

NOTE: This was originally written in 1855.

Quarantième ascension française du Mont-Blanc "The 40th Ascension of Mount Blanc" 
Jules' brother Paul writes about his climb up Mont-Blanc. 

Book Collecting Information:
First UK

Dr Ox's Experiment and Other Stories
Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle

Pictorial brown cloth
Contains Dr Ox's Experiment, Master Zacharius, A Drama in the Air, A Winter Amid the Ice

First US

Dr Ox, and Other Stories
James R Osgood and Co
Late Tickner and Field

Saunterer's Series
Decorative Green, Blue, Brown
Translated by George M. Towle
Authorized Edition
Before the title page is a list of Authorized Editions, "Jules Verne's Works"
At the end of the volume is an advertisement for "The Saunterer's Series" which lists The Tour of the World in Eighty Days
Contains: Dr Ox's Experiment, Master Zacharius, A Drama in the Air, A Winter Amid the Ice, The Fortieth French Ascension of Mount Blanc

First US
Two Stories by Jules Verne
A Fancy of Doctor Ox
The Tour of the World in Eight Days
Office of "The Evening Telegraph"

Translated expressly for
"The Evening Telegraph"
by Stephen W. White
and reprinted from the columns of that journal

Entered According to Act of Congress in the year 1874, by Charles E. Warburton
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington

Note: I like how the cover says :
Author of "Travels Extraordinary," ...

which of course is a literal translation of Voyages Extraordinaires

From the Clouds to the Mountains
William F Gill and Co

gilt illustrations on cover
red and green shown


From the Clouds to the Mountains
William F Gill and Co

NO gilt illustrations on cover

Other Editions:
Dr Ox
James R Osgood and Co

2 examples shown
(moire pattern on the second is in the cloth of the cover!)


Dr. Ox's Experiment, Master Zacharius
Sampson Low

"Pears Soap" edition

190 pages

Authors Illustrated Edition

Image and listing information provided by Dana Eales

Pears Soap Edition description

nd (inscribed 1901)
Doctor Ox's Experiment
nd (inscribed Nov 25, 1901)
H M Caldwell Co
New York
Dr. Ox and other stories
ARCO Publications

Fitzroy Edition

My copy is signed by I.O. Evans

"To A J Batchelor
With the Editors compliments
and good wishes
I. O. Evans"

Collection Andrew Nash

Dr. Ox and other stories
Associated Booksellers
Westport, Conn

Fitzroy Edition

Collection Andrew Nash


Dr Ox's Experiment
MacMillan Co
New York

Dustjacket Shown

Book was published sideways, so you turn the pages from bottom to top


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