Le Mariage de M. Anselme des Tilleuls - 1991 (written ca. 1855)

The Marriage of Mr. Anselme des Tilleul - 2011

(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne

Alternate English Titles:
The Marriage of a Marquis
The Marriage of M. Anselme of Tilleuls (Literal Translation)

Plot Synopsis: 
(courtesy of D. Kytasaari - http://epguides.com/djk/JulesVerne/works.shtml)
Book Collecting Information:
First French

Le Mariage de M. Anselme des Tilleuls

appears in:
Manuscrits nantais, Volume 3
Municipalité de Nantes

The Nantes Manuscripts, limited to 30 copies,
was published simply as a means to strengthen the copyright of the material that Nantes had bought.
The contents were uneditted, and not 100% accurate.

Volume 3 contains the stories:

  • Un prêtre en 1835
  • Jédédias Jamet
  • Le Siege de Rome
  • Le Mariage de M. Anselme des Tilleuls
  • San Carlos
  • Pierre-Jean
  • L'Oncle Robinson

Collection Andrew Nash

First UK
First US

The Marriage of Mr. Anselme des Tilleul

appears in:
The Marriage of a Marquis
2011 (March 1)
BearManor Media
Albany, GA

Series: The Palik Series, Volume 1

136 pages

ISBN-10: 1593933614
ISBN-13: 978-1593933616 ( Buy from Amazon )

Contents of this volume:

  • Forward: The Mission of the Palik Series (by Brian Taves)
  • Introduction: The Rehabilitiation of Jules Verne in America – From Boy's Author to Adult's Author 1960-2010 (by Walter James Miller)
  • Jules Verne's Humor: A Portfolio of Original French Engravings
  • Preface: The Marriage of Mr. Anselme des Tilleuls (by Jean-Michel Margot)
  • The Marriage of Mr. Anselme des Tilleuls by Jules Verne (translated by Edward Baxter, Notes by Jean-Michel Margot)
  • Afterward: The Tribulations of a Translator of Jules Verne (by Edward Baxter)
  • Appendix: Jededias Jamet, or The tale of an Inheritance (Translated, and with a Preface and Annotations by Kieran M. O'Driscoll)
  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • The Palik Series

The Palik Series is published by BearManor Fiction, under the auspices of the NAJVS – (North American Jules Verne Society) (*external link) and is edited by Brian Taves. The NAJVS is very proud to be offering these never-before-translated English editions

Collection Andrew Nash

Other French Editions:
1991 Le Mariage de M. Anselme des Tilleuls
Souvenirs d'un élève de huitième
Éditions de l'Olifant

133 pages
8 illustrations by Gérard Bregnat
edited and annotated by Jean-Michel Margot
limited to 656 copies


Le mariage de M. Anselme des Tilleuls

appears in:
San Carlos et autres récits inédits
le cherche midi éditeur

287 pages

ISBN-10: 2862742678
ISBN-13: 978-2862742670 ( Buy from Amazon French edition )

illustrations by Tardi

Contents of this volume:

  • Pierre-Jean
  • Le mariage de M. Anselme des Tilleuls
  • Le Siège de Rome
  • San Carlos
  • Jédédias Jamet
  • Voyage d'Étude

Collection Andrew Nash


Le mariage de Mr Anselme des Tilleuls
Souvenirs d'un élève de huitième

Béatrice Coron
New York

limited to 25 hand made copies
6" x 9" x 1.5"
illustrations pochoirs
Notes by J.M. Margot

Béatrice describes this book as "A paper hypertext"
It is a work of art, made by an artist who specializes in "Paper Cutting".
The book is hard to describe, but contains the text of the story, a fold-out to reveal a photocopy of each page of the original manuscript, and special pockets containing an insert showing the notes of Jean-Michel Margot superimposed on the text.
See the site of Béatrice Coron for other examples of her work.

(Images here, are from Béatrice's website)

Collection Andrew Nash


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