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Le Volcan d'Or (Version originale) - 1989 

Golden Volcano (Original Version) - 2006
(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne

[VP] - This version, is the original version as written by Jules Verne without the modifications made by Michel Verne (Jules' son)

Re Biblio:
[VP] =
Original as written by Jules Verne
[VO]= As modified by Michel Verne

Newspaper article from the time of publication:

"Jules Verne's Hundredth Book deals with the Klondyke and is full of strange facts and fancies - To be published after his death"

Alternate English Titles:
    The Golden Volcano

Plot Synopsis: 
(courtesy of D. Kytasaari -

Two cousins travel to the Yukon to investigate their late uncle's claim; they instead find disaster, until chance gives them information of a volcano filled with gold.

Book Collecting Information:
First French Editon: Le Volcan D'Or
(Version originale)
Societe Jules Verne

Preface and notes by Olivier Dumas

5th volume in the series:
"Romans originaux et inedits de jules Verne"

This title limited to 330 copies:
30 examples on papier de Holland, numbered 1 to 30
270 examples on Verge de France, numb ered 31 to 300
10 examples for collaborators papier de Holland
numbered EC 1 to EC 10
20 examples for collaborators Verge de France
marked EC

First US Edition:  
Image from

The Golden Volcano
2006 (May)
Bison Books

Translator: Edward Baxter
Editor: Edward Baxter
Preface: Olivier Dumas

ISBN-10: 0803296355
ISBN-13: 978-0803296350

The First English Translation of Verne's Original Manuscript

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