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Thank you to Ion Pelinescu and Mircea Taiss and Lucas for the images. 
The following Romanian books are from the same series.

The series is published by Editura Ion Creanga, Bucharest, Romania and the series is called "Jules Verne", and each book
has a portrait of Jules Verne inside:

(The number above Verne's head indicates the number of the book in the series!)


From the Earth to the Moon

Florida Map from book:

Captain Antifer

Lottery Ticket & Light at the Edge of the World

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Two Year Vacation

Five Weeks in a Balloon

Around the World in Eighty Days

Barsac Mission

Begums Fortune

Black Indies

Captain Hatteras

Golden Volcano

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Southern Star

Floating Island

Steam House

Travelling Scholarship

800 Leagues on the Amazon Captain at Fifteen Years
Carpathian Castle

Cesar Cascabel

Children of Captain Grant - Pt 1

Children of Captain Grant - Pt 2

Claudius Bombarnac + Keraban the Inflexible

Clovis Dardentor + Secret of Wilhelm Storitz

The Fur Country - Pt 1

The Fur Country - Pt 2

The Floating City + Invasion of the Sea

Hector Servadac

Mysterious Island - Pt 1

Mysterious Island - Pt 2

Mighty Orinoco

Thompson and Co, Agency

Testament of an Excentric

Robur the Conqueror
Danube Pilot
Foundling Mick

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