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Stories appearing Serialized in Newspapers

In the 19th Century, many Jules Verne stories appeared, even before their book form, as a weekly or daily serializtion in Newpapers.

Collected here, is the information of "some" of those Serializations.

There were so many Newspapers across the U.S., with many of them printing the same serialized stories at the same, or different times,
that it will be virtually impossible to list ALL the Newspaper that carried the Serials.
BUT I will try to list each known story that was Serialized, and list at least 1 Newspaper in which it can be found.

Many of these stories are appearing in English for the first time, and thus are 1st Editions in their own right, preceding the Book 1st Edition by months!

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Verne Story Details

Publication and publication details

Others have done Serial research, but the ones listed below, at least for the moment, are all ones that I have found on my own, by searching in
Editor: Andrew Nash, December 2022
Adrift in the Pacific; or
The Strange Adventures of a Schoolboy Crew
The Boston Globe
Boston, Massachusetts

February 23, 1890 - Page 18 - Chapter 1
March 14, 1890 - Page 6 - Chapter 17, The End

The translation begins:

"Chapter I
The Storm
It was the 9th of March, 1860, and 11 o'clock at night.
The sea and sky were as one, and the eye could peirce but a few fathoms into the gloom. Through the raging sea, over shich the waves broke with a livid light, a little ship was driving under almost bare poles."

- Also seperately found, previously, by

Burbank the Northerner The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post - Weekly Supplement (Saturdays)
Western Countries and South Wales Advertiser

July 2, 1887 (Chapter 1)

Caesar Cascabel; or The Clown's Face Lake Geneva Herald
July 26 1895 - Chapter 1
Jules Verne: Caesar Cascabel

The Belle Roulette
A Tale of the Pacific Coast

Copyright 1890; all rights to this English Adaptation Reserved
Written for the Chattenooga Sunday Times

The Sunday Times
Chattanooga, Tenn
March 23, 1890 - Chapter 1

Sunday Truth
Buffalo New York
July 6, 1890 - Chapter 1

Lake Geneva Herald
May 10 1895 - Chapter 2

Jules Verne: Robur the Conqueror

The Conquest of the Air

The Evening World,
New York, New York

February 11, 1889 - Chapter 1
March 13, 1889 - Chapter the Last (Ch 27)

"A Specially Authorized Publication
Paris, Feb 8, 1889 __ I have just obtained written authority from Jules Verne and his publisher
for publication of "The Conquest of the Air" in The Evening World. This Extraordinary
story should rank as Verne's masterpiece.

Jules Verne: For the Flag

Battling Beneath the Waves:
A Story of the Most Wonderful Submarine War Engines Ever Invented

Discovered November 7, 2023 - ANash

The Examiner - A Sunday Weekly
San Fransisco, California, USA

Sunday March 21, 1897 to Sunday June 6, 1897

12 parts - 18 chapters

Illustrations for the first few parts

Ed: Viewable in

Text starts:
"The card which the manager of the Health House received that day, June 15, 1893, bore the mere name: "Le Comte d'Artigas."
Below the name in the corner of the card the following address was written in pencil: "On board the schooner Ebba, moored at Newbern, Pamlico Sound." "

Jules Verne: For the Flag

A Mysterious Force

Discovered November 7, 2023 - ANash

The Fulton Democrat - A Thursday Weekly
M'Connellsburg, PA

Thursday May 24, 1900 to Thursday Aug 23, 1900

14 Parts - 18 Chapters

Ed: Viewable in

Text Starts:
"Chapter I
The Sanitarium
Those who are familiar with the coast of North Carolina need not be told that the town of New Berne is near Pamlico sound and that within its borders was a noble sanitarium named Healthful House.
Just why its director or superintendent should have received a note from one Count d'Artigas soliciting permission to visit the establishment, he did not know."


Sun Gazette and Bulletin
Williamsport, Pa, USA

Tuesday October 22, 1901 to Friday November 15, 1901

19 parts (?) and 18 Chapters

Ed: Viewable in BUT EVERY part has been scanned wrong, and 1st column of story is split between 2 pages/images!

Family Without a Name The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post - Weekly Supplement (Saturdays)
Western Countries and South Wales Advertiser

May 3, 1890 - Chapter 1

Flight to France The Newcastle Weekly Courant
Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England

July 6, 1888 - Chapter 1 - Page 6
September 28, 1888 - Chapter 26. The End - Page 6

The translation begins:

"Chapter I
My name is Natalis Delpierre. I was born in 1761, at Grattepanche, a village in Picardy. My father was a facin (?) labourer. He worked on the estate of the Macquis d'Estrelle. My mother did her best to help him. My sisters and I followed our mother's example."

Foundling Mick

The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post - Weekly Supplement (Saturdays)
Western Countries and South Wales Advertiser

Aug 3, 1894 (Chapter 1)
Oct 27, 1894 (The End)

Mathias Sandorf

As the ad describes:

  • And treats of events connected with a conspiracy for Hungarian Independence in 1867, and of the marvellous adventures and subsequent career of persons concerned therewith.
  • Special Notice - This is not merely the first publication of this story in England, but it is M. Jules Verne's first appearance as a writer of newspaper fiction.

(ED: as per The Bristol Mercury!)

The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post - Weekly Supplement (Saturdays)
Western Countries and South Wales Advertiser

January 2, 1886
New Story by Jules Verne Commenced

The Leeds Mercury - Weekly Supplement (on Saturdays)
West Yorkshire, England

January 2, 1886, Page 13
Part I, The Conspirators of Trieste
Chapter I
The Carrier Pigeon

April 3, 1886, Page 13
Part II, Dr. Antekirtt
Chapter IX
or The Clown's FaceComplications

The Glascow Weekly Herald
Glascow, Scotland

Jan 2, 1886
Chapter I and II

Mathias Sandorf, Romance by Jules Verne

Matthias Sandorf

Note: the 2 "T"s - ALL parts of the story, use the double "T" in the title!
IN the story, it is spelled correctly

Translation Copyrighted by G. W. Hanna, 1885

Savannah Morning News
Savannah, Georgia

Aug 2, 1885, page 3
Chapter I
The Carrier Pigeon

This translation starts:

  • "Trieste, the capital of Illyria, consists of two towns of widely dissimilar aspect. One of them -- Theresienstadt -- is modern and well-to-do and squarely built, along the shore of the bay from which the land it occupies has been reclaimed; the other is old and poor and irregular, straggling from the Corso, which divides it from its neighbor, up the slopes of the Karst, whose summit is crowned by the picturesque ditadel."
Doctor Antekirtt
A Sequel to Mathias Sandorf

Translation copyrighted by G. W. Hanna, 1885

Jewell County Democrat
Jewell Kansas

February 5, 1886, Fri, Page 7 (1 page, 1 illustration)

Chapter I
Pescade and Matifou

Ride on a Comet
(Jules Verne: Hector Servadac!)

Translation (No translator indicated)

*** Complete in 1 Newspaper issue, over 2 Newspaper pages. ***

Sunday World
New York, New York

Sunday, November 27, 1892, Page 22&23

7 Chapters, 4 Images

Sandorf's Revenge

A Sequel to Mathias Sandorf and
Doctor Antekirtt

Translation copyrighted by G. W. Hanna, 1886

Natchez Weekly Democrat and Courier
Natchez, Mississipi

Chapter 1, September 1, 1886, Page 9 (1 page, 1 illustration)

The ad on page 3 adds::
Fourteen Elegant Double Column Illustrations
This deeply Interesting Serial Story is Commenced in
The Natchez Weekly Democrat

Marion County Herald
Palmyra, Missouri

Chapter 1, Aug 13, 1886, Fri., Page 8 (2/3 page, 0 illustrations

Ness City Times
Ness City, Kansas

Chapter 1, April 29, 1886, page 3 (2/3 page, 0 illustrations)

Jewell County Democrat, Jewell Kansas - April 1886
The Whiting Weekly News, Whiting Kansas - April 1886
The Bronson Pilot, Bronson, Kansas - April 1886
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