Adopting from Russia (2003)
Andrew/Maureen Background
& Russia reasons

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Our Journal

Maureen and Andrew Background

We had a difficult time conceiving and when we did we did not have mcuh success carrying to term.

A miscarriage at 29 weeks (Laura), a miscarriage at 10 weeks, a miscarriage at 18 weeks, and finally a preemie (Sullivan) born at 27 weeks despite the loss in-utero of his twin (Griffin).

With this history, we decided to adopt, given that we wanted a larger family, and at least 1 sibling for Sullivan.

Adopting from Russia is a process that involves:

  • compiling a rather large dosier of forms and reports
  • travelling to Russia twice
  • long waits
  • the prospect of adopting a child within 1 year of starting the process