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Adopting from Russia: Trip 2 (Oct/Nov 2003)


Maureen and Bailey arrive home
Nov 14

Life in Canada
(to come soon)

Friday Nov 14 - Toronto

Maureen and Bailey arrived home safely in the evening of Friday November 14, 2003.

I was happy that Maureen and Bailey were home, but it wasn't particularly joyous! Both Maureen and Bailey were crying. Maureen crying because one of her suitcases was lost, and it contained the formula that Maureen had obtained in Russia. She was certain that that was all that Bailey would eat, and consoling by the Customs staff, and myself, didn't help much. Bailey was probably crying because Maureen was crying, and with all the unfamiliar faces greeting her, it was a little too much. Even me, whom she had gotten to know in Russia, was unable to comfort her, and she just wanted Mom...

Toronto Airport arrival images, November 14, 2003

Sullivan and Bailey, together for the first time

Bailey takes a rest from crying for a few minutes

Bailey and Maureen and Barb, elevator waiting...

In car seat for the first time...not happy at all!

But by Saturday morning, we were settling into a routine, and though there is evidence of crying, we are getting along better