Adopting from Russia: Trip 2 (Oct/Nov 2003)

Oct 26

Letters Home: Ekaterinburg
October 27

Oct 28

Monday Oct 27 - Visits to Bailey, Ekaterinburg

Sent: 27 Oct 2003 18:14:08 GMT
Subject: Ekat: trip 2 - Oct 27

Hello everyone,

I have revised the address of the first page (though the old will still work) and I have captioned the images in the 2 pages that are now up. (and the 2 link to each other, and future ones will link off the last page)

- Oct 26 image page
- Oct 27 image page

Our court time is 3pm tomorrow. We have been briefed and we think we are ready. Bailey was returned to the orphanage this afternoon, and she finally got to see us without our masks on.

She is staring to "come out of her shell" and is responding to the "stand up bouncing" by pushing her legs to get us to continue when we stop. This is good, but it means that she's going to be harder for Maureen to keep entertained when travelling back to Canada on her own. But it is great.

The snow looks great in town. About -4C still and sometimes a bit windy.

This is turning out to be g reat experience, and all we have gone through so far, makes us really long to get Bailey out of here, and to our home.

Thanks for allowing me to keep sending you these messages.

Hello Sullivan,

We're doing well here in Russia. I think you and Bailey will have a lot of fun, and I'm sure there are lots of things you can teach her.

.... Andrew & Maureen