Adopting from Russia: Trip 2 (Oct/Nov 2003)

Oct 28

Letters Home: Ekaterinburg
October 29

Oct 30

Wednesday Oct 29 - Day after court, shopping

Sent: 29 Oct 2003 15:27:24 GMT
Subject: Oct 29 - Day after we have become parents again

Hello all,

Last night we went to dinner with Marlene the other Toronto mother who had her court date the same day! (the Judge started hearing cases at 1pm, and continued to 6pm..generally 1 per hour. There was a spanish couple after us who were adopting and I found out later, before us was Mary, an "adoptor" from the Yahoo Ekat group)

At dinner I had a drink of Bailey's liqueur to celebrate, while the ladies had a glass of wine.

Today was a normal day again..visit the orphanage around 10am, and again around 4pm. In between we changed money and went shopping. Check out the image today, of the 3 of us in our new Russian hats.

We treated the reps, translator and driver to lunch today. We all had the "business lunch" which consisted of : coleslaw (with crab meat pieces), Borscht, sweet and sour chicken pieces with rice, pastry and tea (plus we had 2 small bottles of water, and 1 fanta and 1 shot of Vodka (me) ) and the whole price for 7 of us to have that meal, was 596 rubles (less than $20 US!!! TOTAL!!! NOT EACH!!!)

A very tiring day for some reason. It has gotten colder, and there was quite a wind while we were at the flea market (buying hats)

.. Take care everyone... Talk to you again soon...

Andrew & Maureen