Automobiles I have Seen and Loved

(photographed Oshawa )
Ontario License Plate "WATERTOY"

I have loved the Amphicar since I was a kid. (that would be in the 60's)

I remember that the first Amphicar I saw in person was at a gas station near Port Severn , Ontario. I didn't see much, because I only got to see it as my mom drove me to summer I only saw it in passing.

I suppose I first learned about it from Popular Mechanics

This example I photographed near Oshawa Ontario, Aug 4, 2004.

(photographed in Halifax, Canada)
Nova Scotia Antique Auto License plate: "2037"

Chrysler Crossfire (before public release, May 2003)
Mini (original version)
(photographed in Toronto)
May 2004

Sullivan's comments when he saw this car was:

"They made this for kids?"

Ferrari 360 Spider (?2003/2004?) (photographed in Toronto)
- 2 door convertible
- beautiful leather interior, including fire extinguisher in leather holder
- glass panel over engine bay

VW Van - 21 window model
(photographed Victoria, B.C.,
zXZMay 2004)

Lamborghini Gallardo
a V-10 powered supercar

-photographed Montreal Quebec
August 2004

Lotus Super 7
(photographed Toronto
September 2003)