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The following are listings of autographs that I have catalogued, without images

VERNE, Jules : A Journey to the North Pole. ; George Routledge and Sons, London 1875. First edition, 8vo. Illustrated by Riou, original pictorial cloth, spine chipped but a very good copy. 
With autograph letter signed by Jules Verne to the editor of a journal in England or America, asking him to confirm that he would like one of Verne's science fiction stories for his publication ( "une nouvelle scientifique dans le genre de ce que je fais habituellement"), and on what terms, explaining that his English is very poor and asking for a reply in French if possible. 1 page, 8vo, integral blank, Amiens, 24 December 1889.
- $1800 US / £1,250 UK, (listed March 2001)

VERNE, Jules : Inscribed Carte-de-Visite Photograph 
Half-length pose of the author seated at a table, pen in hand; approximately 2 1/2" x 4", on a gilt-edged photographer's mount. A fresh, clean example;
inscribed by Verne on the bottom margin, "A.M. William Arnold Jacobs/ Jules Verne/ Amiens, Mai 1902."
- $5000 US, (listed March 2001)

VERNE, Jules: Signed Carte-de-Visite Photograph 
Amiens: Ch. Herbert, n.d. [c.1880] 
Approximately 2 1/2" x 4" Signed in full across the bottom of the image. A fine example.
- $4,500 US, (listed March 2001)

VERNE, Jules: Inscribed note by Jules Verne
Jules Verne(1828-1905) A French writer with the most amazing imagination. His most famous works includes; A Voyage to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and others-small note signed and dated in French within a 8 ½ X 12 ½ “ handsomely bronze colored frame with a 2” diameter bronze medallion depicting Jules Verne:
[FRENCH] Amiens, 26 Juillet Je me rendre a vos desires, en vous adressant ces quelques liqnes et en vous priant de me croire. Votre bien devoue Jules Verne
 [English translation] Sir, I am at your service, in telling you in these few lines and in asking you to believe me. Your devoted friend, Jules Verne
-$2000 (listed April 2001)

The Antiquarian Shop, Scotsdale AZ

VERNE (Jules, 1828-1905, French Science Fiction Writer)
- Autograph postcard in the third person to Madame Poulive,
Published in French, thanking her for an invitation that he and his wife are unable to accept and sending his best wishes for their daughter’s wedding, 1 side postcard, Amiens, 4th October 1893 
Offered By Clive Farahar & Sophie Dupré, Wiltshire, UK
£450.00 UK(Listed May, 2001)
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