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Nov 1890

Dedication in Hetzel book (Serie IN°12 broché  )

Original: A M. J. Ferrand
.. toujours bien ...
Jules Verne

Nov 90

Translation: To Mr J. Ferrand

Jules Verne

Nov 90

Notes: Dedication in the book:
César Cascabel, Edition Hetzel, in-12 br, in 2 volumes
mention of 4th edition on cover of volume 1, and 3rd edition on cover of volume 2
(Note: César Cascabel part 1, in 18, first published 17 July 1890, and part 2 first published 6 November 1890)

2 volumes, with Verne signature in volume 1.
It seems reasonable that Volume 1 could have reached a 4th edition by November 1890, but a little harder to believe that Volume
2 would have reached 3rd edition by November 1890 when it only just came out, so volume 2 may have been purchased later, and not been given by Verne with Volume 1!)

In the same estate sale, was the book:
Catalogue Raisonné du Musée de Marine
by J. Destrem and G. Clerc-Rampal

with the publisher printed dedication:

Exemplaire tiré spécialement
et numéroté à la presse
Monsieur Ferrand, Ingénieur en chef
de la marine
Numéro 11

So it is surmised that the dedication is to the same M. J. Ferrand, who was, at least by 1909, the
Ingénieur en chef de la marine (France)

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