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Amiens, 1 January 1905

Original: Amiens 1 er Janvier 1905
Mon cher Raymond
excuse la brieveté de cette lettre en
retour à la tienne, mais j'ai tant
difficulté à ecrire avec mes
mauvais yeux. Honorine(?) et
moi nous t'envoyons
nos voeux pour la nouvelle année
en echange des tiens, dont nous
bien besoin au point de
vue de la santé

ton viel oncle affectionné
Jules Verne
Translation: Amiens January 1st 1905
My dear Raymond
excuse the shortness of this letter in
return to yours, but I have so much

difficulty to write with my
bad eyes.
Honorine and
I send you all
our wishes for the new year
exchange for yours, which we
have such a need of in the point of
view of health

your old uncle affectionate
Jules Verne
Notes: Letter is to "Raymond de Villeneuve" the son of Jules' sister Anna Verne. Born in 1858, Raymond would have been 47 when he received this letter.
Letter in the collection of a Verne descendant,which was to be sold in public auction along with others. The sale was cancelled prematurely.

This would possibly be one of Verne's last letters, since he died in March 1905.
Note: Watermark can be seen on the paper!
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