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October 13, 1998
23 weeks and 5 days
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Monday of this week was Thanksgiving and although we had planned to go to Montreal for the weekend, Maureen's imposed berets meant that we couldn't go and we had to stay close to home. That was too bad because it meant we missed Riley's visit from La Ronge and we were disappointed, but he and his parents will be back in February and we will see them then.

We went to our regular appointment on Tuesday. We met with Dr Magee and although Maureen's blood pressure was up at this visit (150 over 95) her blood pressure readings at home have been nearer 125 over 75 so this higher reading wasn't considered a danger. The doctors are really going to be concerned if the lower number goes over 100!

We had taken Dr Laskin's advice on the baby aspirin, and even though she had only taken 2 aspirin, 2 days apart, the bruising was quite extensive, and so Maureen cut back to 1 every 3 days. He did not mind that too much and agreed that was the route to follow. He had really hoped to get more information from Dr Kingdom, but when he had not heard, he suspected the appt. had not taken place for some reason.

Dr Windrim conducted the ultrasound, and we once again saw both hearts beating, and he indicated that both were currently breech (bums toward the ground). He indicated that things had not changed much. There was more fluid around "Abigail" and less around "Boris", but there was still a fair amount around "Boris" and that was to be regarded as a good sign (not to say it had increased, but to say that it had remained about the same).

We are off to our Placenta exam tomorrow, with Dr. Kingdom.

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