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October 5 & 6 & 7, 1998
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Back to Previous Page This was a very busy week. After Maureen was sent home last week with the diagnosis of low amniotic fluid, she completed her week of work, but only worked partial days. She was depressed, because this diagnosis was just like a replay of everything that happened with Laura. But there is one main difference, and that is the fact that Maureen's blood pressure is still fine, and she has not developed pre-eclampsia. And that is good. That means the only thing the doctors have to concentrate on at the moment, is the babies.

Well, Maureen had a rough weekend emotionally, and when she woke up on Monday, she had a cramp in her side, that had become a cramp across her abdomen. She was worried, so we went into the High Risk Pregnancy unit when they opened at 8am, and asked to be checked. The pain had subsided by the time we got in there, but they looked her over, did an ultrasound to see the heartbeats of both babies, and checked her cervix to make sure she wasn't in labour. All was fine. Nothing to be concerned about.

Tuesday we went in for our normal appointment. We saw Dr Magee (vomiting, nausea and blood pressure specialist) and Dr Laskin. Though Maureen wasn't showing any signs of dehydration, Dr Magee and Maureen agreed, that since her nausea was coming back, that maybe a couple of litres of fluid might perk her up a bit. 

It didn't seem to help as much as it did the previous week, but it certainly didn't hurt. We waited around a long time because Dr Laskin was back-logged with patients. When we saw him, he decided to put Maureen back on the baby aspirin to see if the thinned blood could help out the baby/nourishment problem. We were to go on 1 every 2 days, and change to 1 every 3 days if the bruising was too terrible.

Wednesday we went to our appointment with Dr Kingdom, but he wasn't there (he was busy at the University apparently) PLUS the doppler ultrasound was being used in an emergency baby transfusion, so they said we could wait and be seen by Dr Smith, Dr Kingdom's research assistant, or we could come back next week. I wanted to wait, and convinced Maureen that we should wait, so we could get some answers, but Dr Magee came out, and said "You're not going to wait 2 hours are you?"
She explained that our treatment wasn't going to change one bit, no matter what was discovered. There would be no harm in coming back next week instead. So with her reassurances, we decided to come back for the "placenta specialist" appt. next week.
Diana, the nurse, said she would do a quick ultrasound to show us all was okay. Now I had asked for an image the last 2 visits, but something came up each time, and the nurse ended up having more important things to do. But this time, with things a little more relaxed, she was able to "click" off the below pictures:

Abigail           &             Boris
What you are seeing, is the head of each of the babies. With Abigail, it is easier to see her body extending off to the left! But in both cases, it looks like they are wearing Halloween masks! 

So a busy, but frustrating week. Maybe we'll get some more answers next week. We have appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday again.


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