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Monday November 9 1998
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Back to Previous Page There was one thing I did for Maureen while she was in hospital that was a little bit special.
She had asked if I would bring in a picture of us with a frame so she could put it on the bedside table and look at us.
I thought about it, and then I thought about her white walls, which were only broken up by the "breastfeeding clinic" poster, and the "Hospital channel" poster.
I decided I could do better than bring in "a" picture of us.

I set to work on my computer, and with my trusty scanner, and colour printer, I made "wallpaper" for her.
It was a roaring success and I came to call it our "wall of fame". Not only did it cheer Maureen up, but it gave all who entered her room something to talk about, and something other than her condition to discuss.

I think I brought in about 60 8"x10" images. The pictures were of us, our family and our travels. They included pictures from our wedding, our honeymoon, our various holidays and family picnics. I also included a couple of antique postcards from either Maureen's or my collection.
The pictures made a "wall" of difference, and all who entered were impressed.

Saved for posterity on film, here are two images of our wall!

From the foot of her bed:


And from the wall beside her bed:
(it includes a blowup of the scan of the foot of Griffin, Baby "B")

The wall was taken down when they moved Maureen to a different room on Tuesday November 10th, but it served its purpose.
BUT we left ONE image on the wall, to cheer the next patient. In the upper right corner of the first image, you can see a larger picture. It shows 4 Teddy Bears, and a Cabbage Patch doll, gazing into a Fireplace. 
This image was still on the wall one year later!

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