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Nov. 10+11, 1998
(Sullivan is 2 days and 3 days old)
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Back to Previous Page  The day to day life of Sullivan and his parents is not terribly exciting. We have been visiting twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Once a day Sullivan gets weighed, and to do this the nurse takes him off the ventilator and removes him from the "Isolette". The whole procedure takes about 30 seconds. To prepare him for this quick task, the nurse first turns up the oxygen level in his ventilator so he'll be prepared for the brief time off of it.
He is breathing on his own, but with the assistance of the ventilator. I think though, with the tube down into his lungs, being unhooked from the ventilator, it would be very difficult for him to breath. So this whole procedure must be fast.

The above picture is from Nov. 11

A couple of days after he was born, he showed signs of Jaundice (sp?), so they place fluorescent lights right next to the incubator to help correct this problem. During this time, to protect his eyes from the bright light, they give him a little pair of velcro fastened shades. He manages to push them off quite a bit, so they are always being adjusted.

The above picture is from Nov. 10

Our visits are really at arms length. Sullivan is in the isolette and we are on the outside reaching in.
It is not hard to feel really sad, seeing him hooked up to all these machines, a little island in the middle of this huge isolette, with us only able to reach in briefly to pat his back, or stroke his head, or rub his arms!
We long for the day we can hold him.

The above picture is from Nov. 10, when Maureen was still in Hospital.
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