The Complete Jules Verne Bibliography

(work in progress)


Volker Dehs, Jean-Michel Margot & Zvi Har’El

[Jules Verne Portrait]


In a letter to the members of the Jules Verne Forum, Philippe Burgaud, the Secretary General of the Société Jules Verne (Paris), suggested the creation of
“...only ONE home page with the complete list of Verne’s works. Such a page could be easily maintained, mentioning of course the name of all contributors and such a page could be COMPLETE, ACCURATE and always UP TO DATE.”
In an attempt towards this goal, the second author approached the third, and here are the results. We hope all Jules Verne enthusiasts, from amateurs to professionals, will enjoy and benefit from the bibliography. We ask you to send us suggestions and corrections, at jmmargot at (Jean-Michel Margot) or rl at (Zvi Har’El).


  1. Voyages Extraordinaires
    The world-famous fifty-four novels published during Jules Verne’s lifetime. For short story collections, see next category.
  2. Short Stories
    Short fiction, appeared in short story collections or as complementary material to novels.
  3. Essays
    Non-fiction works, monographs.
  4. Other Novels
    Novels not published during Jules Verne’s lifetime.
  5. Plays
    Theatrical works: Dramas, comedies, libretti, etc.
  6. Interviews
    Real interviews made by journalists and visitors.
  7. Poems
    Published poetry.
  8. Speeches
    Speeches and interventions during various assemblies.
  9. Letters[AT WORK]
    Jules Verne's correspondence.
  10. Apocrypha
    Books said to have been written by Jules Verne.

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