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A Collectors Guide
     When you are introduced to the stories of Jules Verne, you will most likely begin by reading the common titles like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. You then move on to Five Weeks in a Balloon, and Mysterious Island. By the time you get to Michael Strogoff you are hooked, and your search for lesser known titles begins. Your public library may have a copy or two, and the bookstore at the Mall may have a couple more titles, but you soon learn to haunt the Used and Second Hand book stores. It is here where you may come across a First Edition, with its shiny gilt edged pages, decorative cover, and 50 or more illustrations, and you will have acquired the collecting bug. You will no longer want to settle for a paperback, or a 1960's hard bound edition. You will be on your quest for finer bindings. 
     This webpage will help guide and instruct you as you try to find First Editions and early editions of Jules Verne's works. 
     But why stop there! If you are a natural collector, or you begin to find it difficult to find the books that you are missing, you might just want to branch out into other areas of collecting. The horizons are open to you from Comic Books, to Movie Posters, to Fountain Pens to Food Wrappers. 
     I have been collecting books and ephemera related to Jules Verne since 1968, and the information on these pages is based on my own Jules Verne Collection and supplemented by other sources. I hope you find this information interesting, and that your Jules Verne collecting is successful.
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