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This "What's New" page, will let you see quickly what is new, and what has been upated on this site.
I will try to update this anytime I make a "significant" update or change.
This could include

  • New Boook images on a page / New Pages / New finds
  • A book page "getting the Jules Verne Encyclopedia" treatment!
    The JVE treatment, is me finally updating a book page with ALL the bibliographic entries in the Jules Verne Encyclopedia, and matching those entries with the books already on the page.
May 30 2021
May 17, 2021
May 13, 2021
  • performed the Jules Verne Encyclopedia treatment to Dr Ox's Experiment, and updated numerous images, including Gill plain cover, Amazing Stories Pulp, 1950 collection, Lakeside Library, Sampson Low 2nd Edition, Amerion...
    (Thank you Philip Hollaway for assistance)
May 12, 2021
May 8, 2021
May 7, 2021
May 5, 2021 Created English Media Jules Verne Timeline page, 1852 - 1870
Page will be revealed closer to the publication of the article in the Summer "Extraordinary Voyages"
April 29, 2021 Updated Mathias Sandorf with a new translation by George J Rios, 2010
April 23, 2021
  • Updated and performed the JVE treatment to Waif of the Cynthia
  • Updated the Title Xref with additional names for Mathias Sandorf and Waif of the Cynthia
April 22, 2021
  • Updated and performed the JVE treatment to Mathias Sandorf AND updated images for 1908 Seaside Library edition
  • Added Seaside Library Catalogue image to Seaside Library section of Munro Sets AND added the "number of pages" to the Seaside AND an image of 574 Mathias

April 21, 2021

April 19, 2021
  • Added the 1861 "The Sixpenny" discovery to the Voyage in a Ballon Page
  • & added images of Musee de Famille as well as Newspaper images
April 15, 2021
April 14, 2021
  • Updated Hector Servadac page, with more 1st edition images, and enlarged other images on page. Added Hetzel cover image to top of page.
April 12, 2021
  • Updated Hector Servadac page, to show 2 variants of US Scribner 1st edition, WITH photos
April 9, 2021
  • Updated Dick Sands 1st Edition, Scribners, to indicate an illustration missing, is normal
  • Updated Hector Servadac 1st US Edition entries; re 2 volume vs 1 volume
  • Updated Mysterious Island book page, to indicated that Scribner, Abandonded, 1st edition 1875 and 2nd edition 1876 are both missing illustration "Flotsam and Jetsam", pg 22.
    This is know in all copies (TELL ME IF YOU KNOW DIFFERENT!)
  • Redesigned MAIN page - still under construction - NEW MAIN OLD MAIN
April 7, 2021 Updated the Around the World in Eighty Days book page
  • 1895 to 1910 R E King Publisher entries
  • Made announcement that the Illustrator of the R E King 1900 edition, is Gordon Frederick Browne
  • added an 1880 Worthington Tadpole/Frog cover edition
April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021
  • Announced new finds of early English versions of the short story A Voyage in a Balloon, in 1852 (April and September)
    AND merged a new “Voyage/Drama in the air” page with the existing A Voyage in a Balloon page
End of March 2021 Updated the exisiting Voyages Extraordinaires information/explanation page.
  • Now has 2 English translations of the Jules Hetzel's (Publisher) "Purpose of the new series Voyages Extraordinaires.
  • Has a new section, grouping The Voyage Extraordinaires novels into the Region / Type classificaiton that J Hetzel created, for advertising etc
  • Add a link just below the French and English titles at the top of the Book pages of each of the 54 Voyages Extraordinaires titles  (5 Weeks, Around the World, Mathias Sandorf etc etc etc) back to the updated page, above.
    This new link/text indicates what Number the book is in the Voyages Extraordinaires!
End of March 2021
Early March 2021

What's New, takes a Hiatus! for 19 years!!

Feb - May 2002 Updated numerous book pages accessible from julesverne.ca/vernetitles.html

New book page "Lad of Grit" at: vernebooks/jvbkladofgrit.html

New Around the World in 80 Days Play / Kiralfy Brothers Page: julesverne.ca/jvkiralfy.html

Partially redisigned "collect.html" page

Feb 2002 Numerous additions to this website since last year.
The book pages, accessible from the julesverne.ca/vernetitles.html page have been improved and added to.
The biggest new addition is the 
Jules Verne Who's Who Dictionary.
It is an attempt to catalogue every character in every Jules Verne Book
Feb 2, 2001 New page cataloguing Jules Verne stories published in "Boys' Own Annual" ( "Boy's Own Papers") http://www.julesverne.ca/jvboysown.html
updated the Collect.html main page:
Feb 1, 2001 New page of Jules Verne Obituaries:
Dec 2000 to 
Jan 2001
Made various modifications to individual book pages, like "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea":http://www.julesverne.ca/vernebooks/jvbktwenty.html
Jan 31, 2001 Added a Nellie Bly page with a short biography but only a few images (at present)
 May 30, 2000  Updated page about Secret Adventures of Jules Verne:
 Oct 10, 1999  New page added listing links to sites with information about "Secret Adventures of Jules Verne":
Sept 9, 1999 New page added listing locations around the world named after Jules Verne, his characters, or his machines:
June 23,1999 Uploaded a new version of my main "Collect.html" page.
It is currently under construction, but available at:
It is an attempt to make my pages less wordy, at least until you find what you want!

Added more separate book links to my titles page:

June 22,1999 Added more seperate book links to my titles page: http://www.julesverne.ca/vernetitles.html
Added links to a fine Verne/Hetzel page to my Hetzel cover page and to my links page.
June 9, 1999 Added more links from the "Title Page" listed below. More individual book page skeletons are available: http://www.julesverne.ca/vernetitles.html
Apr 17, 1999 Added Complete Title Index Page: http://www.julesverne.ca/vernetitlealph.html
Apr 17, 1999 Added Complete Title Page: http://www.julesverne.ca/vernetitles.html
Oct 4, 1998 Updated Bibliographies page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvbiblio.html
Sept 15, 1998 Updated Amazing Stories "pulp" magazine page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvpulp.html
Updated the Vincent Parke Sets page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvsetvp.html
Sept 10, 1998 More languages/countries added to Language page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvbklang.html
Aug 5, 1998 Added a page on Amazing Stories "pulp" magazine: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvpulp.html
Aug 4, 1998 More board games added to the Board game page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvgames.html
Aug 3, 1998 More languages/countries added to Language page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvbklang.html
July 30, 1998 Redesign of the main collecting page: http://www.julesverne.ca/collect.html
July 29, 1998 Outage of main page due to disk error at internet provider.(July 29 - July 30)
Various images at the website moved to new directories. Should not be apparent to viewers.
July 28, 1998 Added new page - Autographs/Signatures: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvautogr.html
July 26, 1998 Added new page - Board Games: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvgames.html
July 25, 1998 Added Nautilus links to the bottom of the Nautilus Models page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvmodels.html
Added links to the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) for some titles on the Jules Verne Movie page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvmovie.html
July 22, 1998 What's New page added: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvnew.html
and corresponding entry on "Collect.html" page 
and rename of Nautilus models page from "jvmodels.html" to "jvmodels.html"
New Page on Jules Verne Cigar Bands and Cigarette Cards: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvcigar.html
+ corresponding entry on the "collect.html" page
July 16, 1998 Treasure Chest Comic detail page added: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvtreas.html
and "jvcomics.html" page
July 12, 1998 New model on the Nautilus model page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvmodels.html
+ a details page on this model: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvtinnaut.html
July 5, 1998 Added Greek and Shorthand books to Languages page: http://www.julesverne.ca/jvbklang.html

If you have any questions about collecting,
or any of the items that I have shown,
please feel free to message me.
Email: anash@julesverne.ca or AndrewNash@Canada.com

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