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My NEW Reading Adventure

I am starting to read Verne's books again, OR for the 1st time (by Andrew Nash)





Early 2022
The Children of Captain Grant Don Sample, self published, 2018/2019
Early 2022 Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras ???
James R Osgood and Company
Summer 2022
The Golden Volcano (Original by Jules) Edward Baxter, University of Nebraska Press
I liked the Original Verne ending better
Summer 2022 The Claim on Forty Mile Creek/
Flood and Flames (modified by Michel Verne)
I O Evans, Fitzroy Edition
Associated Booksellers
Happier ending than Vernes
Christmas 2022 The Self-Propelled Island Marie-Thérèse Noiset,
University of Nebraska Press
An enjoyable read. Lots of information of all the Islands they navigate to.
January 2023 The Kip Brothers Stanford Luce
Wesleyan University Press
It was good to read this after Floating Island.
A lot in common with the South Pacific islands
Very enjoyable. I did know the plot twist at the end, but still found a few twists I didn't see coming.
February 2023 Travel Scholarships Teri J. Hernandez
Wesleyan University Press


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