Every Boy's Magazine / Every Boy's Annual
published by Geroge Routledge and Sons,
edited by Edmund Routledge
Published from 18xx to 1865 by Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, and from 1866 to 189? by George Routledge and Sons.

Every Boy's Annual accumulates the previous years weekly or monthly issues of:

  • Every Boy's Magazine: 1863-1865
  • Routledge's Magazine for Boys: 1866-1869
  • The Young Gentleman's Magazine: 1870-1874
  • Every Boy's Magazine: 1875 to 18??

The Annual was published in the month of December for the Christmas market, and thus does not include that Decembers issues in its compilation. i.e. the Annual dated 1885, has been seen with a "Xmas 1884" inscription, and thus contained magazines original published from Dec 1883 to November 1884. This fact makes many of the Jules Verne Stories published, the first time they were seen in English, preceding the book form.

Along with stories by Jules Verne, the Annuals contain stories written by Henry Frith (1881), William H G Kingston (1866), R M Ballantyne (1866), Arthur Locker (1870), Thomas Miller (1869), etc.....


Above: 1886 - Keraban, Part 2 (2 variants)

Publisher Address in 1864:
Routledge, Warne, & Routledge
London: Farringdon Street
New York: 56, Walker Street
Publisher Address in 1866:
George Routledge and Sons,
London: The Broadway, Ludgate Hill,
New York: 129, Grand Street
Publisher Address in 1868:
George Routledge and Sons
London: The Broadway, Ludgate
New York: 416, Broome Street

(1865, NO Jules Verne story!)

Every Boy's Annual
An Original Miscellany of
Entertaining Literature

Edited by Edmund Routledge

Original Price (seen in a catalogue), 1876: 6s

Every Boy's Annual: Jules Verne Story Listing
Image Date Story Title 
in Boys Own Paper
Common Verne
Book Title
1874 The English at the North Pole (NOT SEEN) Adventures of Captain Hatteras
1875 The Field of Ice - Part 2 - Chapters I to XXVI - with illustrations Adventures of Captain Hatteras
1876 A Voyage Round the World: South America - part 1 The Children of Captain Grant
1877 A Voyage Round the World: Australia - part 2 The Children of Captain Grant
1878 A Voyage Round the World: New Zealand - part 3 The Children of Captain Grant

1885 Keraban the Inflexible
or, Adventures in the Euxine
, Part 1 - Chapters I to XVII
Keraban the Terrible

1886 Keraban the Inflexible
or, Adventures in the Euxine
, Part 2 - Chapters I to XVI
Keraban the Terrible
It has been verified (using HathisTrust digital copies and other sources) that the following do NOT contain Jules Verne Stories:
NO VERNE: 1866, 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870, 1879, 1881 (no index, but looked through!), 1888

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