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Salon de 1857 - 1857 / 2008

Salon of 1857 - 2008

(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne
Alternate English Titles:
     Salon of 1857

Plot Synopsis: 

Art criticism, providing a review of the Paris Salon of that year. (Zvi Har El site: Bibliographies - Essays)

One of the major discoveries in the first edition of the biography (by Willam Butcher) was Verne’s contribution to art criticism. He wrote seven substantial essays about the 1857 Universal Exposition of Fine Arts, collected and edited for the first time by Butcher as Salon de 1857 [Jules Verne, Salon de 1857. Acadien, 2008, edited by William Butcher]. The revised edition (of the Biography) provides additional detail and extracts from letters: for example, there is evidence that Verne performed some editorial duties for the Revue des beaux-arts in addition to the essays he wrote. Butcher finds a correspondence between Verne’s approach to art and the way he assembles research for his novels. - Tad Davis - Verniana 12 (2020-2022)
Book Collecting Information:

The Salon de 1857 was discovered after the printing of the "Jules Verne Encyclopedia"

First French Edition:

Table of Contents entries for all the Articles,
which name Jules Verne as the author:

Info from: Zvi Har El site: Bibliography - Essays

Revue des beaux-arts :
Tribune des artistes
, as seven articles:

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First Modern Editon:

Salon de 1857
édition établie, présentée et annotée par William Butcher
2008 (Sept 6)
Acadien / Lulu Press
pp. 36-201.

Le premier "livre" de Jules Verne (1857), inconnu de tous, présenté, avec une introduction, 500 notes et 160 illustrations, par William Butcher, grand spécialiste, auteur de Verne : La Biographie

First US Edition:

Other Editions:

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