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Full List of All Books, Short Stories, Plays

For French collectors of Jules Verne, a bibliographic identification system for each Jules Verne title has been created by Jean-Michel Margot. It is quite complete, assigning a referencence code to books, short stories, plays and articles by Verne, and some that have been previously thought to have been writen by Jules Verne (i.e. called apocryphal works).
The code is a 2 character abbreviation based on the French title. 
(i.e. TM = Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, and TN = Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, the play)

There has been no standard bibliographic identifier for English Jules Verne books. In fact, it is only fairly recently that there have been English Bibliographies!
The second comprehensive bibliography in English (following the excellent work in the "Jules Verne: a primary and secondary bibliography" by Gallagher) was titled ..... and was written by Ed Meyer, a book dealer who ran Country Lane Books.
This page will show a "Meyers" bibliographic identifier in the form of Mxxx where xxx is the page number in the Meyers bibliography.

 This page will cross reference English and French titles of Jules Vernes works along with the various bibliographic identifiers (Margot French bibliographic identifier, Meyers bibliographic identifier and Taves/Michaluk reference number) 

The best English bibliography at the moment is the Jules Verne Encyclopedia by Brian Taves and Steve Michaluk jr. In this book, the authors have attempted to identify EVERY English edition of All Verne's titles!
Since it is the most complete bibliography to date, many sellers and collectors have adopted their numbering scheme when referring to Jules Verne's books in English. The identifier takes the form of Vxxx where xxx is the id number that Taves/Michaluk assigned to each Verne title. Note that only 1 identifier code is assigned for each title, even though the sections in the Encyclopedia dealing with each book lists 10, 20, 30 or more books.

The 54 Voyages Extraordinaires written by Jules Verne are identified by the Colour
IF the books altered or written by Michel Verne, and published by Hetzel are included, there are 62 Voyages Extraordinaires!
TYPE Voyages
Margot Ref Taves Myers Ref Gallagher Ref English Title French Title Publication Date
Ref# Page# French English
BOOK 1 CS V001 103 20 A6 Five Weeks in a Balloon Cinq Semaines en ballon 1863  1869
BOOK 3 VC V002 106 35 A9 Journey to the Center of the Earth Voyage au centre de la Terre 1864  1872
BOOK 4 TL V003 110 26 A11 From the Earth to the Moon De la Terre à la Lune 1865  1869
BOOK 7 AL V007 111 26 A21 Around the Moon Autour de la Lune 1870  1873
BOOK 2 AH V004 117 58 A16 Journeys and Adventures of Captain Hatteras Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras 1866  1875

BOOK 5 EG V005 119 34 A13 The Children of Captain Grant Les Enfants du capitaine Grant 1867  1873
BOOK 6 VL V006 120 56 A20 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers 1870  1873
BOOK 8 VF V008 129 22 A24 A Floating City Une Ville flottante 1871  1874
Short Story
VE: Short Story Collection FB         The Blockade Runners Les Forceurs de blocus  1865  1879
BOOK 9 AT V009 131 39 A26 Adventures of Three Russians and Three Englishmen in Southern Africa Aventures de trois Russes et de trois Anglais 1872  1872
BOOK 10 PF V010 133 27 A29 The Fur Country Le Pays des Fourrures 1873  1873
BOOK 11 TM V011 134 54 A30 Around the World in 80 Days Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingts Jours 1873  1873
Short Story
VE: Short Story Collection   V012 143 16 A34 Doctor Ox & Le Docteur Ox & 1874  1874
Short Story   DO V012     A33 A Fancy of Doctor Ox Une Fantasie du Docteur Ox /1874  1874
Short Story   MZ         Master Zacharius Maitre Zacharius /1874  1874
Short Story   HG         A Winter Amid the Ice Un Hivernage dan les Glaces /1874  1874
Short Story   DA         A Drama in the Air Un Drame dans les Airs 1851/1874  1852/1874
Short Story   QA         Fortieth French Ascent of Mount Blanc Quarantieme Ascension du Mont-Blanc /1874  1874
BOOK 12 IM V013 145 42 A33 The Mysterious Island L'Ile Mysterieuse 1874  1874
BOOK 13 CR V014 151 47 A35 The Chancellor Le Chancellor 1875  1875
Short Story   MP     47 A35 Martin Paz Martin Paz 1852/1875  1853/1876
BOOK 14 MI V015 152 40 A40 Michael Strogoff Michel Strogoff 1876  1876
Short Story   DM         A Drama in Mexico Un Drame au Mexique  1851/1876  
BOOK 15 HS V016 155 33 A42 Hector Servadac Hector Servadac 1877  1877
BOOK 16 IO V017 157 10 A43 The Black Indies Les Indes Noires 1877  1877
BOOK 17 CQ V018 158 15 A44 A Fifteen Year Old Captain Un Capitaine de Quinze Ans 1878  1878
BOOK 18 CI V019 159 5 A45 The 500 Millions of the Begum Les Cinq Cents Millions de la Begum 1879  1879
Short Story   RY  V019  159     The Mutineers of the Bounty Les Revoltes de la Bounty /1879  
BOOK 19 TC V020 160     The Tribulations of a Chinese in China Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine 1879  
BOOK 20 MV V021 161     The Steam House La Maison a vapeur 1880  
BOOK 21 JA V022 162 28 A50 The Jangada La Jangada 1881  
Short Story             From Rotterdam to Copenhagen Aboard the Steam Yacht 'Saint Michel' De Rotterdam a Copenhague a Bord du Yacht a Vapeur 'Saint Michel' /1881  
BOOK 23 RV V023 164 31 A53 The Green Ray Le Rayon vert 1882  
Short Story   DC         Ten Hours Hunting Dix Heures en Chasse /1882  
BOOK 22 EQ V024 165     The School for Robinsons L'Ecole des Robinsons 1882  
BOOK 24 KT V025 166 32 A54 Keraban the Inflexible Keraban-le-Tetu 1883  
BOOK 26 AF V026 167 3 A56 The Archipelago on Fire L'Archipel en Feu 1884  
BOOK 25 EO V027 167 45 A55 The Star of the South L'Etoile du Sud 1884  
BOOK 27 MS V028 168 38 A59 Mathias Sandorf Mathias Sandorf 1885  
Short Story   EC V029 169 47 A35 The Wreck of the Cynthia L'Epave du Cynthia 1885  
BOOK 29 RC V030 169     Robur the Conqueror Robur-le-Conquerant 1886  
BOOK 28 BL V031 171 52 A60 A Lottery Ticket Un Billet de Loterie 1886  
Short Story   FF         Frritt-Flacc Frritt-Flacc /1886  
BOOK 31 CF V032 172 21 A63 The Flight to France Le Chemin de France 1887  
Short Story   GB  V032       Gil Braltar Gil Braltar /1887  
BOOK 30 NS V033 172 49 A62 North Against South Nord Contre Sud 1887  
BOOK 32 DV V034 173 1 A65 Two Year Holiday Deux Ans de Vacances 1888  
BOOK 34 SD V035 174 53 A68 Topsy Turvy Sans Dessus Dessous 1889  
BOOK 33 FS V036 175 19 A66 Family Without a Name Famille-sans-Nom 1889  
BOOK 35 CL V037 176 7 A69 Cesar Cascabel Cesar Cascabel 1890  
BOOK 36 MB V038 177 41 A70 Mistress Branican Mistress Branican 1891  
BOOK 37 CC V039 178 8 A72 The Castle in the Carpathians Le Chateau des Carpathes 1892  
BOOK 38 CB V040 178 11 A73 Claudius Bombarnac Claudius Bombarnac 1892  
BOOK 39 PB V041 179 25 A74 Little Fellow P'Tit-Bonhomme 1893  
BOOK 40 MA V042 180 6 A77 Wonderful Adventures of Master Antifer Mirifiques Aventures de Maitre Antifer 1894  
BOOK 41 IH V043 180 23 A78 Propeller Island L'Ile a Helice 1895  
BOOK 42 FD V044 181 24 A79 Facing the Flag Face au Drapeau 1896  
BOOK 43 CD V045 182 13 A80 Clovis Dardentor Clovis Dardentor 1896  
BOOK 44 SG V046 182 2 A81 The Sphinx of the Ice Le Sphinx des Glaces 1897  
BOOK 45 SO V047 184     The Superb Orinoco Le Superbe Orenoque 1898  
BOOK 46 TE V048 184 60 A83 The Will of an Eccentric Le Testament d'un Excentrique 1899  
BOOK 47 SP V049 184 50 A84 Second Fatherland Seconde Patrie 1900  
BOOK 48 VA V050 185 57 A85 The Aerial Village Le Village Aerien 1901  
BOOK 49 HJ V051 185 43 A86 The Yarns of Jean-Marie Cabidoulin
(The Sea Serpent)
Les Histoires de Jean-Marie Cabidoulin 1901  
BOOK 50 FK V052 185     The Kip Brothers Les Freres Kip 1902  
BOOK 51 BV V053 185     Scholarships for Travel Bourses de Voyage 1903  
BOOK 53 MM V054 185 37 A91 Master of the World Maitre du Monde 1904  
BOOK 52 DL V055 186 17 A90 A Drama in Livonia Un Drame en Livonie 1904  
BOOK 54 IR V056 186     The Invasion of the Sea L'Invasion de la Mer 1905  
BOOK (55)
(Michel Verne altered)
PM V057 186 36 A93   Le Phare du Bout du Monde  1905  
BOOK (from Jules original manuscript) PW V057 186 36 A93 The Lighthouse at the End of the World Le Phare du Bout du Monde 1905 / 1999  
BOOK (56)
(Michel Verne altered)
VO V058 187 30 A94   Le Volcan d'Or  1906  
BOOK (from Jules original manuscript) VP V058 187 30 A94 The Golden Volcano Le Volcan d'Or 1906 / 1989  
BOOK (57)
Written completely by Michel, and probably written in 1895 under Jules' supervision,
AG V059 187     The Agency Thompson and Company L'Agence Thompson and Co. 1907  
BOOK (58)
(Michel Verne altered)
CM V060 187       La Chasse au meteore  1908  
BOOK (from Jules original manuscript) MQ V060 187     The Hunt for the Meteor La Chasse au meteore 1908/ 1986  
BOOK (59)
(Michel Verne altered)
PD V061 187       Le Pilote du Danube  1908  
BOOK (from Jules original manuscript) BD V061 187     The Danube Pilot Le Beau Danube jaune 1908/ 1988  
BOOK (60)
(Michel Verne altered) No Original Manuscript exists
NJ V062 187 48 A98 The Survivors of the Jonathan Les Naufrages du Jonathan 1909  
BOOK (61)
(Michel Verne altered)
WS V063 188 4 A99   Le Secret de Wilhelm Storitz  1910  
BOOK (from Jules original manuscript) WI V063 188 4 A99 The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz Le Secret de Wilhelm Storitz 1910/ 1985  
Short Story Collection VE: Short Story Collection   V064 188   A103 Yesterday and Tomorrow Hier et Demain 1910  
Short Story   FP V064 188    A71 The Rat Family Aventures de la famille Raton 1887/1910  
Short Story   MK V064 188     Mr Ray Sharp and Miss Me Flat Monsieur Re-Dieze et Mademoiselle Mi-bemol /1910  
Short Story   DJ V064 188     The Fate of Jean Morenas La Destinee de Jean Morenas /1910  
Short Story   HU V064 188     The Humbug Le Humbug /1910  
Short Story Written by Michel Verne   V064 188     In the 29th Century: The Diary of an American Journalist in 2889 Au XXIXeme Siecle: Journee d'un Journaliste Americain en 2889 /1910  
Short Story Written by Michel Verne EL V064 188     The Eternal Adam L'Eternel Adam /1910  
BOOK  (62)
Written by Michel Verne from a fragment of Voyage d’études
BC V065 189     The Asonishing Adventure of the Barsac Mission L'Etonnante Aventure de la mission Barsac 1914+H35  
BOOK   GI V066 190     Illustrated Geography of France and her Colonies Geographie Illustree de la France et de ses Colonies 1867 - 1868  
BOOK   PE V068 190     History of the Famous Travels and Travellers:The Discovery of the Earth Histoire des grands voyages et des grands voyageurs (Part 1): Decouverte de la Terre 1878  
BOOK   GN V067 190     History of the Famous Travels and Travellers:The Great Navigators of the 18th Century Histoire generale des Grands Voyages et des Grands Voyageurs (Part 2):Les Navigateurs de XVIIIe siecle 1879  
BOOK   VX V067 190     History of the Famous Travels and Travellers:The Explorers of the 19th Century Histoire generale des Grands Voyages et des Grands Voyageurs (Part 3):Les Voyageurs du XIXe siecle 1880  
Short Story   PG Misc 193     About the Giant  A propos du Géant    
  AA Misc 194     An Ideal City Une ville ideale    
  EP Misc 193     Edgar Poe and His Works Edgard Poe et ses oeuvres    
    Misc 192     The Californians      
    Misc 192     Fight for a Child      
    Misc 193     The Future for Women      
    Misc 193     The Future of the Submarine The Future of the Submarine    2013
    Misc 193     The Story of my Boyhood Souvenirs d'enfance et de jeunesse  1974  1891
    Misc 193     Solution of Mind Problems by the Imagination    n/a  1928
   PR Misc 193     To My English Readers (introduction to Plunge into Space by Cromie)      
  PV         Paris in the 20th Century Paris au XXe siecle    
  OR         Shipwrecked Family: Marooned with Uncle Robinson L'Oncle Robinson  1861 2011
  VH         Backwards to Britain Voyage en Angleterre et en Ecosse (Voyage a reculons)    
  PT          A Priest in 1835 Un Pretre en 1835  1846  2016
  EM         Magellania En Magellanie    
  VS(?)         Fact-Finding Mission Voyage d’études  1904  2012
  ED           Edom    
  SA         San Carlos San Carlos  1993  2013
  SR         The Siege of Rome Le Siege de Rome  1993  2013
  MT          The Marriage of Mr. Anselme des Tilleul Le Mariage de Mr Anselme des Tilleuls    2013
  DJ         Pierre-Jean Pierre-Jean    2012
In the Year 2889 1889
  JN           La Journee d'un journaliste americain en 2890    
  DO           Une fantasie du Docteur Ox    
  CH          The Count of Chanteleine: A Tale of the French Revolution Le Comte de Chanteleine  1864 / 1994  2011
  JJ          Jédédias Jamet, or The Tale of an Inheritance Jededias Jamet  1847  2011
  PC         *** NOT Verne***

Prodigious Discovery

*** NOT Verne***

Prodigieuse découverte et ses incalculables conséquences sur les destinées du monde

MD Mr. Chimpanzee Monsieur de Chimpanze 1857 2011
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