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Mirifiques Aventures de Maître Antifer - 1894 

Captain Antifer - 1895

Image used with permission from
Project Jules Verne Illustrations by Bernhard Krauth,

(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne
Alternate English Titles:
    Captain Antifer
    Captain Antifer; or, His Excellency's Millions

Plot Synopsis: 
(courtesy of D. Kytasaari -
Because of a noble deed committed by his father, Captain Antifer expects to someday receive the legacy of wealthy Egyptian, Kamylk Pasha, who his father helped many years before. To receive this legacy, first Antifer must await receiving the longitude that accompanies the latitude that he already possesses. It arrives in the form of Egyptian notary, Ben Omar (who must be present when the legacy is uncovered) and his "assistant" Nazim. Nazim is actually Saouk, son of Kamylk's treacherous cousin and feels the legacy is rightly his and he only waits for the right time to steal it all. The Egyptians, along with Antifer, his nephew Juhel (who only desires to marry Antifer's niece Enogate) and family friend Tregomain journey to the Gulf of Oman to uncover the legacy. What they do find is a longitude and the name of a banker in Tunisia who holds the latitude. To keep the money from the legacy in his family, the banker insists that the single Antifer must marry his sister, before he will release the latitude. Antifer concedes to this demand, but the next location takes them to an island in the Gulf of Guinea, where they discover another there is another legatee who holds the latitude of yet another island, this one located north of Norway. How many more islands and how many more legatees must be visited before the real legacy is found?

Book Collecting Information:
First British Edition:


Captain Antifer
Sampson Low, Marston & Company Limited

319 pages

gilt edges

First US Edition:   Captain Antifer
R F Fenno & Company
New York

319 pages, green cloth

Other Editions:
c1897 (No date)

Captain Antifer
circa 1897
Sampson Low, Marston & Company Limited

New and Cheaper Edition
Red and Blue covers shown

Captain Antifer
nd (1895)
R F Fenno & Company
New York

319 pages, blue cloth

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