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Forceurs de blocus - 1865

Blockade Runners - 1879

(J-M Margot)
Jules Verne

This story was also published combined with A Floating City

Alternate English Titles:

    The Blockade Runners

Plot Synopsis (courtesy of D. Kytasaari -
James Playfair must run a Federalist blockade of a Charleston, South Carolina harbor in an effort to trade supplies for cotton and to rescue a young girl's father, a Confederate prisoner.

Book Collecting Information:

First English Editon:  

The Blockade Runners
Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington

In wrappers

First US Edition:  book Blockade-Runners
1879 (jan 31, 1880)
G W Fitch
Rochester, NY
The Blockade Runners
Sampson Low, Martsston, Searle and Rivington

Author's Illustrated Edition

Pears Soap Edition description

image and listing information courtesy of David Linton


"Pears Soap" edition

1910 The Blockade Runners
Sampson Low
The Blockade Runners
1952 (prior to Aug 15)
A Studio Publication
Toronto, Canada
(also see Canadian Jules Verne page)

"Junior Adventure Library"

Printed on the reverse of the title page is this text:

"Junior Adventure Library books are manufactured in
Canada by Studio Publications, Bloorhill Building,
Kingsway, Toronto, Ontario. Books are printed in
easy to read type on a special grade of book paper.
Titles and stories are recommended to the publishers
by parents and others interested in providing children
with suitable reading.

First Printing 1952"

The reason I have indicated "before Aug", is because on the cover, is stamped:
Aug 15 '52 BR
This date could be when the book was received at a store, or a library (though there is no evidence that this was a library book)

- not listed in Jules Verne Encyclopedia by Taves and Michaluk
- 25 cent price printed on cover
- 4 illustrations plus cover art but no credit given
- very poor printing (some pages too much ink, other pages too little)
- includes a short story by Kenneth Payson Kempton, The Deep Disguise
- 93 pages in total (75 pages for The Blockade Runners)
- The spine of the book reads: J1 The Blockade Runners - Jules Verne MDS

The chapter heading and first 2 sentences of the book is:

"Blockade Runners
The "Dolphins"

The Clyde was the first river whose waters were lashed into foam by a steam-boat. It was in 1812 when the steamer called the Comet ran between Glascow and Greenock, at the speed of six miles and hour."

On the Rear Cover is the following text:

A Mesage to Parents about the New

We have not entered an era of enlightenment during
which we and our children will benefit. Those things which, to-
gether, make the child of today the fine and successful man or
woman of tomorrow should be encouraged. Good reading habits
are one of the most important of these.

All Mediums of communication can influence a child's
maturing mind;- radio, television, the theatre, your own voice -
but one of the most powerful factors in the proper development of
our young is the printed word.

Today we can entertain our child and at the same time
increase his knowledge, shape his character, IF he is inspired to
take and interest in suitable literature. At newsstands everywhere
you or your children may purchase ADVENTURE LIBRARY books
with the assurance that they will be the finest in reading entertain-
ment. You will find fiction and fantasy, realism and riot, history
and humour, but - and this above all - knowledge that will help
your children mature into the finer men and women in the years
to come.
JUNIOR ADVENTURE LIBRARY editions are printed
on specially processed paper in large, legible type which will not
strain the vision of even the most voracious reader.

If you like this book which you are about to buy for you
boy or girl, then look around for other printed members of the
JUNIOR ADVENTURE LIBRARY. All editions are priced at 25c
and we think your children will want to have them al !


Collection Andrew Nash

The Blockade Runners: A New Translation
Luath Press Ltd.

ISBN-10: 1905222203
ISBN-13: 978-1905222209 ( Buy from Amazon )

Collection Andrew Nash

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